Hey it’s August, and it’s me, Johnson. Let’s catch up:

I got a haircut.

I’m still listening to IGOR on repeat.

I’m moving back to Tulsa in a couple weeks, which I’m excited about.

My car keeps beeping and blinking lights at me, should I be worried?

Oh and I got flipped off by a little old lady today.

That little old lady gave me the inspiration to write this blog today.

Thanks I guess.

So I’m driving to work today and I stop at a four way stop sign. This stop sign is wonky. It’s wonky because one person has to stop a little further back than everyone else, and has to drive a bit longer through the intersection.

I had stopped at this part of the road and was progressing cautiously through my turn as old lady begins to stop. Old lady then begins gunning through the intersection before I had completed my turn, and flips me off. I assume she did this because she didn’t realize that I had already stopped at the intersection, and was completely, totally, in the right.

I had to tell you this story for two reasons:

1. Because it makes me feel better to tell others how right I am.

(reason 1.5 To prove that the angry old lady is a dummy dumb.)

and reason 2.

To prove how bad misplaced anger is.

I mean, obviously. But I guess some little old lady’s don’t know that yet.

Now, I say misplaced, but what I mean is this: I think anger stems from problems people have in life. It’s a consequence of your own actions and the actions of people around you.

Even more, I think anger stems from people not getting what they wanted, or what they expected. When people expect to be treated a certain way, or with a certain respect, and they’re not treated that way anger is a common response.

Anger is a tool, and like all tools you have at your disposal you can use it incorrectly.

Anger is a strong man’s weapon in order to correct injustice, and make change in your life. It’s a weak man’s tool to put other’s down, while not actually making a difference in anyone’s life.

Being enraged and taking action on impulse because of your ‘hot head’ is what I would consider stupid anger. That’s a child’s form of anger that sadly, some people don’t grow out of.  Making rash decisions based off of emotion is generally a mistake.

Being able to pause and look inside yourself. To understand why you feel angry, and to think about what steps you should take in order to affect the right kind of change that would be better for yourself and for people around you; that’s the right kind of anger.

Little old lady, this blog is for you. You flipped me off, that made me a little angry. Now, I know that we all have different ways of expressing our frustrations. If somehow, you made your way to my blog, I want to wish you all the best. I hope you take this experience to heart, and focus on becoming a better driver.

She was pretty old though. . . .  So. . . Not likely.



I like it.

I was thinking about what made Stranger Things such a successful show. There’s so many elements that could (and did) attribute to it’s success. Nostalgia, fun and fleshed out characters, thrilling scenarios and an interesting world. This show has a lot going for it.

What would I attribute it’s success to? It’s unique and approachable.

What makes a show WORK? Well that’s simple, a show works when it executes it’s ideas and narrative well.

Many shows and movies now-a-days seem like they are manufactured in order to reach as broad an audience as possible. Marvel is an excellent example of this: Marvel movies are fun, exciting, and humorous. They have a formula that is intended to reach a large amount of people, and to be entertaining to those people. They are successful because they (often) make quality movies that effectively pull off their formula.

Movies and television shows attempting to become successful based off of their approachability is a trap though. They do not become successful because they appeal to a broad audience. They become successful because they are made well.

I would make the point that Stranger Things is so successful because it is extremely approachable while also being unique. Never in my life have I ever wanted to watch sci-fi thrillers; yet I love Stranger Things.  That’s a testament to it’s quality.

It’s fun.

I had fun watching season 3 of Stranger Things. It sucks you in with an interesting story about aliens from a different dimension, Russian spies, a kid with super-powers and her friends who are trying to get to the bottom of all the weird things that are happening in their small town.

It has characters that you can relate to. It has dialogue that is fun and forwards the plot. It uses humor to take the edge off of the intense situations, and has kids taking their lives into their own hands attempting to save their town.

The show takes something that could easily be made for a niche audience (sci-fi thriller. Scary monsters.) and makes it fun and easy to watch using relatable characters, intelligent writing, and humor.

It’s a great example of how shows and movies are more successful when they focus on the right things, and do them well. There are plenty of movies and shows that have interesting and unique ideas that are bad. They’re bad because they don’t focus on characterization and good storytelling. I won’t care about how interesting the premise of a show is if I don’t care about the characters. Stranger Things made me care about the characters first, and I was so sucked in that I completely forgot that I’m not the least bit interested in sci-fi thrillers.

So, you know, watch it.

Oh you thought I was going to actually review it and talk about story beats or summarize episodes or something?

Yeah no.




A good blog has a theme. It’s conversational yet it has momentum, it takes you on a short journey. When I write I feel like i’m taking myself on a little journey through my own thoughts, and if I write it down correctly I’m able to take other people with me on that journey.

Sometime’s I’ve been able to do a better job at it, and other time’s it’s more comedic than insightful.

The goal has always been unclear though. Why do I have the desire to write down thoughts, stories, and feelings?


There’s a big fat word for you.

Here’s something you probably know about yourself: You want to know you’re doing a good job. Not only that, you want to feel like you’re a good person.

Now don’t get this confused. Most people want validation, whether that comes from themselves or others. People don’t want condescension. Patronizing someone because you don’t actually think they’re doing a good job doesn’t help anything or anyone.

The point of validation is to encourage things that are good. If it isn’t good, it should either be discouraged, or taught how to better succeed.

So is that why I write? I write a blog in order to feel more validated as a self-proclaimed writer who hardly ever writes?

Yeah no.

Well, maybe.


Often I hear the word EGO associated with selfish and heedless people who only care about themselves.

I think a big ego is immensely important in order to be a more successful, and better person. An attitude of success and happiness stems from your own self worth; If you think you’re awesome you have a better chance of becoming awesome.

Ego doesn’t mean to underestimate your own faults, or to become a selfish ignorant jerk. It means that you have a good understanding of your own self worth, and you believe in yourself.

Praise, validation, and encouragement are all tools in order to inspire confidence and grow EGO. The bigger your ego, the less you need outward encouragement in order to feel good or successful.

Now, this is where the negative aspect comes in. If you have a massive ego and no frame of reference you can be considered an “ego-maniac”. Someone who thinks they’re amazing who probably isn’t very amazing at all. So how can you have a large ego without being an ego-maniac? How can you be humble and confident and all of those other good qualities people like?

Validation and ego are incredibly tricky things. You could have people in your life validating bad habits or ideas that you have because you’ve surrounded yourself in an echo chamber of stupid. You may not listen to people giving you constructive advice because your ego won’t let you be the person who’s wrong.

Life’s a balancing act. Ego is good. Everyone needs validation.




Disagree? Oh you’re a self sustained person who doesn’t need validation from anyone? And you’re doing great in life?



You probably have a massive ego.

Photo by Håkon Sataøen on Unsplash

Social Media.

In the spirit of appreciating meaninglessness in the materialistic waste of time that is social media; I decided to give you a brief synopsis of what these different platforms are, and what their role is in your social life.

Their are certain communities on the internet that are good, and help people become better while also curing a secret loneliness within them. I will not be talking about that today. Today I’m talking about the mundane, irrelevant, and pretentious mockery that is social media in it’s base form.

Let’s build this sandwich from the worst platform up.

Lettuce begin:


Sometimes I log into Facebook, realize what I’m doing, then immediately log out. Facebook is a disgusting amalgamation of the charred remains of good content. It consists of recycled memes, political humor (if you can call it that), baby pictures, and/or people getting married or engaged.

In order for you to actually see something that might interest you, like the life events of a close friend or family member; you have to sift through an insurmountable amount of garbage.

Also, ads. Ads everywhere.

No I don’t care that you fell off your bike and want to show us your bone sticking through your skin

No I don’t care that you care DEEPLY about the grammatical holocaust that is misspelling ‘they’re, their, there’.

Your ability to post memes or skits that other people made doesn’t make you funny.

Moving on:


It’s like Facebook but even more politically charged. There’s a greater sense of community, but if you follow more than a house-full of people you get bombarded with meaningless quotes and opinions from people you most likely don’t care about all the time. It takes a frustratingly large amount of time in order to see something meaningful that you appreciate, or an opinion that makes you think.

People on Twitter think they’re more intellectual than people on the other platforms.

They’re not.

Yes I have a twitter. Don’t @ me. I also have a Facebook; I’m going to continue to trash them and other platforms that I use daily:

This is a philosophical amount of hypocrisy.




Insta is sleek and streamlined. You follow your friends, they post photo’s of things happening in their life with quasi-deep captions like:  “Live in the sun, dance in the rain”

It’s a better Facebook. It’s still Facebook though. There’s garbage everywhere. The discover page is littered with Insta-models, people flexin’, celebrities, and occasionally the rare talented photographer. It’s rare that you see photographs that actually inspire you. People don’t like being inspired creatively I guess; they prefer lust, envy, and recycled comedy.

Why am I bothering to write this.


Your parent’s don’t know what this website is.

The hive-mind behemoth of Reddit. It’s a fascinating website filled with a fantastic amount of sorted communities. While I have a lot more respect for this website, and spend a lot more time on it than other websites; I’m also going to complain about it. Why not, this is my blog, that’s what I do here. I complain.

Reddit is the self-righteous know it all of the social media family. It’s the website you scroll through when you want to laugh silently through your nose while you’re procrastinating.

Or maybe you pretend that you’re becoming more well informed by listening to the singular opinion of a certain subreddit; while ignoring all other opposing viewpoints no matter how credible.

Reddit is a head rush of information. It still employs recycled jokes and meta-humor. It’s still a garbage social media website, but it’s probably one of the best.

Are there other SM websites?

Do they matter?

Uh, no. None of them matter.

The only one that matters is Runescape. Gotta go mine for four hours and talk to my guild about fishing.

Also, shout out to Snapchat. Haven’t used it for months and it’s still my favorite social media platform.




Binging Friends is a heck of a way to spend a few weeks.

I’m not saying that’s what I’ve been doing, but it does indeed sound like a heck of away to spend a few weeks.

What have you been accomplishing recently? I don’t feel like I’ve been up to very much. It’s been relaxing and frustrating. I told myself this blog is for me, but what do I want to talk about? That’s what’s been on my mind a bit I think.

This is an avenue for me to work on my writing and expose my thoughts; though every time I’ve thought about the blog for the past few weeks I just sort of shifted it out of my mind. Its been a little fly buzzing around my ears that I just keep swatting away. Every day the subtle desire comes to write about something, but it gets nudged aside.

That gentle nudge has been bothering me lately. How easy it is to cap a passion that should be boiling inside me. How boring I am. How pointless I feel when I throw away my pen over a badly written sentence or two.

I look at someone else, someone who is not me. I think about their purpose, their dreams. Shakespeare was a focused man. His pen bent to his will, the only thing he broke was his back and his discipline for his passion. His passion was relentless. His genius was ever-flowing. Kurt Vonnegut wrote thousands of words only to dash them against the wall because it didn’t sound right. He woke to write his passion, if the only thing he had was a broken pencil and scattered scraps of paper he would still write something worth reading.

Where is that passion? Where is that meaning in myself? In yourself? Where is the passion in life, that fire, that purpose of being? These people you idolize into these genius figures of single mind and purpose, why can’t I just be like them?

Well, life isn’t fair I guess. We’re dealt a hand that we must play. We have opportunities to grow and improve, and that’s our choice.

I feel we limit ourselves by comparing ourselves to others who are better than us. There’s a mental battle I’m constantly dealing with when I try to write creatively. I tend to look at the negative aspect of how “it’s all been done before, so what could I possibly create?”

A subtle downside to this amazing and comfortable life we live in is that if you lack a singular purpose, you’ll probably be fine. You can live your entire life striving for nothing really in particular, and you’ll be fine. I don’t want to be fine. I want to accomplish something. The struggle, the battle is what boils that passion in our souls.

What do you want?

Are you limiting yourself by scattering your focus?

When I don’t work on what I’m passionate about, I feel empty inside. Yet I still have no problem putting it aside when there’s something easy I can distract myself with.

It’s hard to be single minded when there’s so much opportunity to be distracted. Whether that’s with friends or work or stress, it’s easy. The hard thing is focusing on what you want to accomplish, even when it’s not expedient.

Are you putting yourself down because someone else has accomplished more than you currently hope to accomplish?

Are you avoiding your passion because you fear it won’t be good enough?

I want to encourage you in your purpose today. No matter how high and lofty your goals are, as long as you remain disciplined and focused, you can do it. Stop putting off that desire within you. Don’t devalue your passion because your not as good as your idols.

If it’s your passion, stop limiting yourself.


SHOUT OUT TO MY FREAKY FRIDAY LOVECRAFT FANS OUT THERE. I just love that scene where Lindsey Lohan grows a bunch of squid arms and her and her mean girl squid squad eradicate the human race.

At The Mountains of Madness is a book by famous cosmic horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. It’s a book about a group of scientists who discover an unknown and alien world in the unexplored dark regions of the Antarctic.

This book was my first taste of this strange world that Lovecraft invented.

I quite enjoyed it.

I had a conversation recently with a friend on what the actual point of reading is. I told him that in my opinion, books are a way of learning and experiencing ideas and worlds that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

Not only is it a powerful tool to expand your mind, you can also experience vast and incredible universes similar or completely different from our own. This escapism is a window into the world and ideas that the author has created.

I would recommend escaping to the interesting and curious world Lovecraft has created. Here’s a few reasons why:

World building and atmosphere.

Let’s talk about ATMOSPHERE. It’s inescapable, curious, and fear filled. This book sucks you into a visceral and imaginitive world. The author does a great job of taking something plainly from our world and blending it realistically with the weird and alien.

The characters are a tool for you to view this strange world, the author doesn’t dwell on developing them or giving them much personality. That isn’t their purpose. Their purpose is to explore this finely crafted world and to show you what they find.

This writing style is called Antiquarianism. Yep, it’s a thing, I looked it up. It means that the characters or writer is more concerned about the imperical evidence rather than feelings or character development. This writing style works incredibly well for cosmic horror, because it allows us to gain a ton of information about this fictional world. The characters are not wheezing and fear stricken sheep, they’re scientists or reporters on a mission to discover. They put themselves in danger regardless of fear so they can learn about an ancient, alien, and hostile environment.

(By the way, this book is about aliens. Aliens with adorable little squid arms. Squishy, murdery, intelligent little aliens. Cosmic aliens. . . There’s also a big-ol’ Penguin or two.)

This book shows a brief moment in time in a fleshed out and ambitious fictional world. You travel through a dead city in the Antarctic, and learn about an ancient and supreme civilization. The book may be scary at points, but that’s not the point. The “idea” is the fear of the unknown. The insatiable lust for knowledge that pushes humanity into danger. The fear of things that are bigger than yourself. The book becomes tense and thrilling because Lovecraft is a great world-builder.

At The Mountains of Madness is an experience. It’s a pretty slow paced book that focuses on the details. While the details make it a bit dryer, it also steeps it in a heavy and realistic atmosphere that really makes the reader feel like the unexplainable and unrealistic events that are happening in the book could have happened.

Solid recommend. Love squid people? Love intelligent plants that come to life and eat all your dogs? This book might be for you.

You’ll also learn a ton about mural decorating and alien archetecture.

I’m gonna start a Cthulu Pinterest soon.

“Here’s how to make a hand-made squid bracelet”

“Here’s how to paint a mathematically perfect mural about the downfall of the elder ones”

Oh God I’ve become one of those weird Lovecraft people that makes strange references that nobody else understands.

And I’ve only read one book. Oh dear.


Risk is the chance that things will not work out the way that you expect or calculate. Taking a risk means that you take a chance that you might fail, knowing that there is also a chance that you might succeed spectacularly.

I’ve met people that lived life in a very small bubble. Anxiety threatened to pop the bubble at any time, and the fear of risk trapped them in a small (depressing) world. I’ve also met people who constantly threw caution to the wind and made very stupid decisions. They would say they were taking a “risk” and it didn’t work out; when in reality they were being stupid.

I try to live life right in the middle of the risk zone. Most people live life there. It’s called a comfort zone, or something I guess. A comfort zone is the level of risk you are comfortable with, and is where you live your life. Some people have large comfort zones, which borders on stupidity; and other people’s comfort zones are so small they fear going outside because there’s a chance they’ll get the plague.

When I started writing this blog I was going to talk about how much of an advocate of RISK  I am. “The higher the risk, the higher the reward” I was going to say. I was going to frame it in a way that made perfect sense. My readers would say to me, “Johnson I can see now I need to take more risks, I need to smell the roses, I need to go skydiving, I need to ask for that promotion, I need to call that girl i’ve been meaning to call”. It was going to be highly uplifting.

Hundreds of hits I would’ve gotten.

I finally would’ve been able to hire that editor I’ve So (DeSpErAtley) NeEdeD.

I’m tired of talking about it though. Everyone knows that taking risks in life is generally a good thing, as long as you’re not stupid.

I think that’s a general caveat to anything that I say: take my advice, unless you’re stupid. Then don’t. Swaddle yourself up in a little blanket and make sure to protect your head with some kind of helmet as you continue through life.

Though I’m sure if you’re literate enough to read my silly scrawled sentences then you don’t have to worry about being too stupid.

Stupid people always think they’re smart, though.

So do smart people.

So does everyone.

I once talked to someone who thought they were completely and utterly average.

They must have been brilliant.

Or maybe they were just honest.

Moral to the story? Life is a risk. You’re going to die someday. It’s not going to suck for you because you’ll be dead. The thing that’s going to suck for you is if you live your life doing exactly what you hate doing, rather than what you want to be doing.

Don’t have the time or resources to do what you want? Make a change. It’s possible, your mindset just needs to change.

Don’t know what you want to be doing with your life? Welcome to the party. If you’re in that place like many of us, the best thing to do is start expanding your comfort zone. Take more risks. Find what you love by breaking out of your boring, exhausting, silly life.

You’re literally risking your life every day anyways.

Good luck I guess.


Photo by Sylas Boesten on Unsplash


Oh wow look how the time is flying. The Daily blog has not been so daily lately. Let me catch you up on my life experiences:

I saw endgame twice.

I have some friends, not a huge amount, but some. We hang out occasionally. You could say i’m frightfully popular.

I had a few ideas.

I forgot more than a few ideas I had.

So it goes.

I have a little notepad in my phone where I jot ideas down. Some of them are one word; for example: BLURRY.

That’s where my blog post BLURRY came from. I liked writing that; it was back when I wasn’t a jaded and mindless writer. I had ideas. Now all my ideas die in the microwave I call a head.

Just kidding I still have ideas; I just forget to write them down. I was thinking about how I feel like a different person than I did a month ago. So much can change in a month. You could find God, you could have a meltdown, you could change careers, or win a million dollars playing the lottery.

It’s a crazy world.

Also nothing could happen in a month. You could work from 8-5, make sure to pause at a few intervals throughout the day for meals, and do it all again the next day.

Ah, the American way.

One thing over the past month that has changed is I got hopelessly addicted to sugar, or maybe I was always addicted to sugar and just now I’ve realized it. Nonetheless, I always make sure I have a sugary fruit snack ready for when the urge comes. The problem with being addicted to sugar is I’ll probably never eat another salad again.

I like salad. That’s sad.

While I haven’t become a jaded writer, over the past month I’ve become a distracted one.  I’ve been having such fun over the past few weeks, but you know what happens after you have fun:

you feel guilty.

I’ve been feeling guilty for ignoring the blog. Not out of a sense of obligation, but out of a sincere desire to write that I’ve been ignoring. When you ignore the desires of your soul you tend to feel guilty. This isn’t good, it isn’t bad, it’s just life.

So let the guilt train roll.

I had an idea recently that I thought was stupid. So I scrapped it, erased it from the notepad, and got back on the guilt train. I then forgot what the idea was, but the memory of the forgotten idea remained. When you forget an idea, no matter how stupid or small, it’s a tragedy.

Ideas may seem bad at first, but generally you’re not going to know whether or not an idea is bad until you attempt to bring life to your idea.

People don’t do that though. People have ideas and think to themselves, “ah, that idea wouldn’t work” and they wipe their little brains of the wonderful idea they had because they were too lazy to make the idea work.

I think that most people have good ideas every day. Great ideas. The best ideas. These ideas get written off and discarded like garbage 90% of the time. A person will look at their beautiful idea and think, “this has been done better by someone better” and their idea will rust.

Soon that person will just turn to rust, because all of their ideas rusted in their heads until nothing but rust was accomplished in their life.

Rust and money and want and unoriginality.

My goal with this blog was to become a better writer by writing about whatever I wanted to write about. Because good ideas are only good when someone applies them and makes something out of them.

I was feeling rusty, but when I write again, and I mean really write. When I write for me, not because I have any agenda, or because I want to get the most views, that’s when the rust starts going away.

Writing is my inspiration. It gets me all oiled up.

Okay that sounds weird.

I no longer feel all oiled up.


Now I just feel gross.

Photo by Sean Stratton on Unsplash


I am terrible at brewing coffee. Perhaps it’s my extensively complex palette; the fact that I need the coffee to be just perfect before I’m able to enjoy it to the fullest extent. I try to make it strong, it comes out too strong. I try to make it a little weaker, it tastes like dirty bean water.

I can’t win.

So now I’m on my third cup of coffee after having two disagreeable and disappointing cups, and it finally it tastes just right. My morning just isn’t complete without having a good cup of coffee. It is now 1 PM; now that I’ve actually had a decent cup of coffee, it’s time to start the day.

See, now that’s the issue for me I suppose. It is so incredibly easy to waste time when you’re not aware of what you’re doing. Today I woke up at around 9 because it’s my day off. 9 isn’t so bad. 9 is a great time to wake up. Here’s the issue though: time tends to go very fast when your only goal of the day is to drink a cup of coffee.

When you are directionless you tend to waste time, so that maybe at some point in the future you can be a person who no longer desires to waste time. I’m the person who wastes time every day until suddenly I realize that I’m wasting time. Then, after I have already wasted time, I become determined not to waste time. I repeat this ritual daily and pretend I’m a productive person.

My morning routine is filled with coffee and procrastination. I procrastinate until I’m fed up with procrastination, and then I start my day. I do this every day, seemingly forgetting that I did it yesterday, and the day before, and it was as unfulfilling yesterday as it was today.

You could call this laziness. I’m lazy in the mornings and I simply cannot seem to get my act together.

Or you could be kinder and call me a night owl, since I spend most of the morning in a daze of coffee filled grumpiness and then I slowly cascade into productivity until late into the night. This is true, that is me.

Honestly, it’s both. If I were a perfect person I wouldn’t procrastinate. I think that’s the point of self-improvement, right? You’re a person who wants to improve your imperfect self. Other people are better at being more productive throughout the day; props to them. Looking up to other people who are better than you at stuff is awesome. If you have a brain, you can do exactly what everyone else around you is doing; as long as you work hard and apply yourself.

Routine is important, schedules and tasks are important, but most importantly:

Mindset is important.

Do you have a mindset of success or a mindset of laziness today? I’ll be honest, some days I just have the wrong mindset, and that makes it harder for me to get anything worthwhile done. That’s not a big deal, though. Every day is a new opportunity for you to become better.

That’s my goal, at least.

My other goal is to be able to make the perfect cup of coffee every morning.

Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash



Yesterday I spent an hour staring at my computer screen wondering why I couldn’t write.

I guess that’s why I couldn’t write.

Sometimes I get up in my head about what I’m doing with my life and it makes me a bit sad. I look at the words on these pages that I’m writing and I wonder if it’s ever actually inspired by anything. Or if it’s just me mindlessly monologuing to no end.

That mindset was a bad one I think. I spent all day yesterday waiting for a sense of inspiration because I didn’t just want to sit down and write nothing. Writing nothing is the start to writing something inspired, though.

I wonder if the greatest writers of our time had days like these. Days where they didn’t have good ideas. Days where they didn’t think they were good writers. Days where they wanted to give up and stare at a wall in hopelessness.

They probably did have days like that sometimes. . .

I think the truth is sometimes inspiration just isn’t there. Sometimes you may just feel like garbage. I don’t think that’s an excuse to not try, though. I didn’t end up writing yesterday because I felt sorry for myself. I was still capable of putting some coherent sentences together; I just didn’t feel like it.

Inspiration is tricky that way. It’s not going to appear unless you work really hard for it. Obviously through history there have been some amazingly talented and inspired writers. But who’s to say that their creative masterpieces were always inspired from the get-go?

I’m sure that Tolkien had days where he didn’t feel like writing. I Bet he still sat down and wrote nonetheless.

I think that’s the difference. The great writers write no matter what. They dedicate every shred of time they have to their passion, even when they don’t feel passionate about it. They see where the words on the page take them even if they don’t have a clue where they’re going. They become inspired through action.

The more time you dedicate to your passion, the more inspired it will become. You can’t have inspiration without discipline. You will most likely fail more than once before you create something you’re truly proud of.

As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. You can’t give up because you feel bad. Everyone feels bad. Push through it. Make something you’re proud of.

The only thing stopping you from becoming great is yourself.