Lost in Walmart.

Late this evening I strolled into the mirrored daylight of a Super Walmart. Somewhere among the endless rows of stuff settled in a frozen corner of the place was the chicken I needed. While I walked to grab the chicken I reminisced; I thought back to when I was a kid running around K-Mart. K-Mart was a store filled with endless aisles of mystery to explore every time I went. This Super Walmart was easily eight times larger than our good old K-Mart back home. I wonder if kids explore it with the same wonder and curiosity that I explored that ancient decrepit K-Mart.

I wonder how many kids are lost in a Super Walmart right now. I still remember the day I got lost in my K-Mart; I had to walk up to a stranger and ask them where my mommy was. Now Walmart’s are so massive you never have to see anyone. A kid could walk for hours before he even finds a stranger to ask, “where is my mommy?”

Sometimes I think about what it would be like to experience life again through the eyes of a small child. I wonder if it’s really any different from when I was a kid. It’s probably not that different. Kids are kids. I’m sure a thousand years ago there was a market somewhere where a young mother was trading her sheepskin fleece for some food, and her little boy got lost.

Maybe he got distracted by all of the wonderful things that he could ask his mom for. Maybe she’d have a little money to buy him a top carved of wood, or some marbles, or some other thing kids back then played with. I mean they had toys, right?  Maybe they just banged rocks together for fun. Kids nowadays bang rocks together for fun too, I’ve seen it.

That little boy would have to find a stranger to help him find his mommy too. Thank God for all those strangers, reuniting little kids with their mommy’s every day.

Maybe kids in the next hundred years won’t have this problem. Maybe they won’t have to walk into a Walmart because all of their groceries are delivered to them by drones. Kids won’t ever need to be helped by strangers again. I mean, it’s probably safer that way anyways, right? That’s what life is: The pursuit of safety.

Those kids will bang rocks together too.

There’s something amazing about the lens that kids see the world through. It’s all a first experience for them. For a kid, Walmart isn’t just a store, it’s an adventure. Life is a game to them. They don’t have to deal with the responsibilities of adulthood. Or the emotions and heartbreaks of growing up.

They just have firsts and adventures.

I think that’s something we need to learn from kids. Don’t lose that little part of yourself that wants to go out and have an adventure. Go get lost. Go have a new experience. Go bang rocks together.

Keep that childlike part of you.

It’s in there somewhere.


Photo by Fabio Bracht on Unsplash


Yesterday at work I was confronted with a situation that I have not experienced for quite some time. I was staring at the ceiling, waiting patiently for the caffeine to kick in so I could stop suffering from droopy eyes in front of my customers, and I realized: I was bored. For the first time in I don’t know how long, I was horribly and fantastically bored. I tried to consider more about the interesting situation I had found myself in. Helpless, I looked for work to do, and found none. I tried to help my co-workers with their work, yet they were as bored and aimless as I was.

Resigned to my fate, I ate a few bread-sticks.

In life we don’t have very many opportunities to be bored any more. At least for me, I always have something that I’m able to focus on if I have some free time. If I even have an ounce of time where I’m not focused on something I could just pop open my phone and have a world of information and entertainment available to me.

As a culture, we are constantly filling up our schedules with stuff in order to avoid a dull moment. We make ourselves rush and hurry from work to play again and again in the subtle avoidance of the horror of having a moment alone with our own thoughts. I can attest that on my busiest days, where I didn’t bother to give myself some time to breath, my brain didn’t really wake up until I was getting ready to go to bed. In that brief moment of time where I rested my head on my pillow, my brain finally got some time to explode in thought.

I hate it when that happens. It keeps me from sleep.

I am an advocate of boredom.

Let’s talk about your brain for a second. Your brain is a greedy information consuming monster. It will ingest as much as you possibly have the desire to give it. It loves entertainment. That’s what it wants. If your heart craves blood, your brain craves information. In the modern world your brain can be entertained for years on end; till your bones become weak and your skin melts into a blubbery mass. As long as your brain consumes, it’s happy letting your teeth turn to dust in your mouth as you swallow bread-sticks whole.

Okay I feel like I got a bit dark there. What I mean is that every day it’s important to let yourself be, well, bored. Just because your brain is entertained, and you may be a “busy bee” doesn’t mean that you’re growing. It just means you’re busy. I can be busy taking tables and watching Marvel movies constantly till Endgame hits in my free time.

Doesn’t mean it’s good for me.

Boredom is a catalyst for deeper thought. Having time where you are able to just focus on thinking whatever your brain wants to think about is what boredom is for. Being able to entertain yourself by just thinking, or by focusing on something you’ve been brushing aside, that’s what boredom is for. Some of your greatest moments of inspiration will probably come from a moment where you are utterly, helplessly, fantastically bored.

I’m not saying that it’s good to be bored all the time. Or to be bored at your job. I think that if you’re bored all the time, you probably need to tighten up your schedule a bit. And if you are bored at your job all the time, maybe you need to reconsider why you’re at your job. Is it a means to an end? Or are you wasting your time doing something that isn’t beneficial to your life?

Make sure you get yourself good and bored sometimes. Have an old fashioned date with your brain. Sit back and relax, think about nothing, and see where it takes you.

Just put down your phone when I’m talking to you, gosh I’m not that boring of a storyteller, Phil you ingrate.

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FEAR. (and cats.)

Chicken is in the crockpot. I think my mind is also in the crockpot. It’s certainly not where it’s supposed to be.

I discovered myself staring at the wall earlier, completely unaware of what I was thinking about. Maybe I’m tired. Maybe the cat drugged me. Who knows.

I mean I’m not saying the cat’s evil, I’m just saying that all cats are inherently evil and self serving. If I leave it alone for two seconds it bites all my books up and gets hair all over my clothes. I think he knows too. He knows just how to torture me and push my buttons. So would I put it past him to do something even worse? Dastardly, even? No.

He is a cat, though, so I probably shouldn’t be paranoid.

I wonder if some people are paranoid about that kind of stuff. Like, “The cats are out to kill me” kinda thing. . . Probably. I should write a paper on them. Maybe be journalistic for once and try to interview someone who thinks cats are hidden mini assassins who are trying to take over the world.

That’s a great idea for a story.

Someday, just wait: CATSASSINS By JOHNSON DUNN.

I’ve gone off track, haven’t I?

No, I haven’t. There never was a track. This is the track. The crazy track. Where I talk about Catsassins and how my brain is melting into pudding.

Do you have anything you’re irrationally afraid of? I’ve always been afraid of roller-coasters. Nothing activates fight or flee in me quite like those wooden monsters. Ever since I was a kid they’ve always been rather traumatizing to me. I always knew they weren’t unsafe. I just don’t like the feeling.

Maybe I wouldn’t call it a fear. Maybe the logical side of me would call it a distaste. I don’t like roller-coasters, so why would I torture myself by going on one?  

Then again, I’ve had conversations with people about their irrational fears, and I wasn’t able to give them that grace. Some were afraid of insects, or fog, or the sea. . . I mean sure, there’s dangers in life. A spider might jump on you and bite your face off. The sea might drag you down to oblivion. Fog might envelop you where you can’t see and you jog neatly off a cliff. Those actually don’t sound very irrational do they?

Well they are.  

Caution would say that if you don’t know how to swim well, don’t go in the deep end. You absolutely should be afraid of treading water if you can’t swim well, but this is an easily fixable problem: learn how to swim.

The same with the other two. Sure, being afraid of spiders has it’s practical cases; you won’t frolic through spider infested fields asking all the black widows to crawl into your ears if you’re afraid of them. But again, if you’re not a moron you know that as a human, you can crush an insignificant insect with your shoe. Spiders can’t bite through your shoe.

I think the example I’m trying to give here is that fear has a purpose in life. It’s to tell you when things are ACTUALLY dangerous for you. That is it’s only purpose. Irrational fears are dumb. If you can rationalize a solution to your fear, then it’s probably not a great fear.

I still hate roller-coasters though. So I’m a hypocrite I guess. Sue me.  

Don’t live your life in a box because you’re afraid of what’s outside it.



Catsassins will strike anywhere anyways.

They’re coming for you.

They call them “The Fluffy Death”.

You won’t be able to scream, you’ll be choking on a hairball.




So I walked outside this morning and was startled to find a mountain of dried pollen on my car.

Oh right, it’s that time of year.


♫Nose is always runny, I sneeze, eyes are itchy,

There’s Benadryl in my system already, mom’s spaghetti.♫


Spring is here.

Color has finally returned to the world! It’s been spring for a couple weeks, but I feel as if I only noticed a change today. It’s nice. I’m also sneezing a lot more. Not nice.

Spring is the season where the world wakes up from it’s winter slumber. The birds sing, the trees and flowers begin to bloom, everything is green and beautiful. It’s the season of growth and energy.

Spring not only is the season of growth, it’s the season of NEW.

New beginnings, new goals, new toys! Spring isn’t a season of reflection, it’s a season of ACTION! Make that change you’ve been desiring to make now! Everything else around you is changing, why not? You may be sneezing all over like a snot-helicopter, but there’s a new energy all around! Take this season as an opportunity to try something new.

Not sure what kind of new things to try? Here’s a few:

Listen to a different type of music.

Maybe you haven’t even found your favorite band yet. Maybe you’ll love Ska if you give it a real good chance. I’ve given Ska a real good chance.

I don’t like it.

Read a new author, maybe even a genre you aren’t familiar with.

I’m currently reading Princess Bride. It’s an adventure of high fantasy and true love. Keep it fresh with the books you read. You can always get something good out of a book, even if you don’t like it very much.

Basically, just do something you’re not super comfortable with.

How else do you grow if you don’t expand into new areas?

Thinking about doing new things, I’ve decided. I’m going to write a book. I’ve settled it. It’s happening. I’m starting now. Let’s do this. Spring is here, why not.

You know what else spring is about? Spring is about cleaning.

I think it’s about cleaning because there’s pollen from about a quadrillion flowers on my car, and on everything else in my life. I think back in the old days people got tired of trudging through molten pools of pollen, so they invented spring cleaning.

I’ve noticed a serious difference in my attitude and happiness when I have a clean environment. My car is a dumpster right now, though. I’ll update you on the quality of my life once I’ve spring cleaned it.

Spring is about change

There’s a bright light in the air, and an energy that only spring has. There’s something so special about the world we live in. It’s easy to ignore it when you’re busy, but the world has things to say if you listen.

Gosh, I sound like a hippy trying to convince you to become in tune with the rhythm energy of the world or something.

In every season there’s a change and a shift. Change is good in life. If you want to learn something from the seasons, maybe just learn that one small fact. Change is good. Sometimes the best thing you can do in your life is change it up just a little bit.

Try something new, clean your car, get a plant.

I’ve always wanted a desk cactus.

Like, here’s my desk cactus everybody. I only water it once a month. He’s so happy, look at him, all prickly and stuff.

Photo by Anisur Rahman on Unsplash

Travel and Friends.

Just got back from visiting some friends in Omaha today. After essentially being an Omaha resident for four days, here’s everything to know about Omaha. Or at least, everything I know about it.

Which isn’t a lot:

  1. There’s potholes.
  2. You drive a lot.
  3. It’s a place.
  4. I got a haircut there.
  5. The haircut was good.
  6. I loved it.

I wasn’t there for the place. I was there for the people.

I have some friends all over the country that I consider my best friends. We may not see each other a lot, but when we do it’s just like old times. We have heart to hearts, we play games, we get into friendly arguments about life. We talk as if no time has passed at all.

If you have friends like that, keep them.

It’s easy to get caught up in your own thing in life, which is completely understandable. I want to be successful and work on my career as much as the next young determined person, but staying in touch with people you’re close to is just as important.

Your closest friends help bring out the person that you want to be. Being with people you’re comfortable around gives you an opportunity to express who you really are. When we become too busy, or when we close ourselves off to our friends, we lose a part of ourselves.

If you’re at a point in your life right now where you’re a bit confused about who you are, or what you’re doing, maybe you need to take some time off and call an old friend. The closest people in your life may be able to give you some insight, or they might just be able to make you feel better. No matter what, if you have someone like that in your life make sure you don’t lose them to time.

Friends temper you.

This is a thought that I talked about a lot over the weekend with my friend. Being able to confide your thoughts in someone that will listen to you and provide feedback is so important. So often I keep my thoughts to myself when surrounded by people because I don’t think they would listen to what I have to say. When a friend actually listens to you, it grows both of you.

Have friends who aren’t afraid to tell you you’re wrong.

The times in my life where I’ve grown the most is when I confessed an opinion, and someone told me I was wrong. Being wrong isn’t a bad thing. Being wrong and refusing to listen is a terrible thing. When a close friend disagrees with you, that’s an opportunity for you to grow. If you listen to what they have to say, or what criticism they have for you, that’s an opportunity for you to grow.

You may be like me. I always think I’m right.

This is bad.

Even though I always think I’m right, I always listen to people I respect.

This is good.

Being nearly five hundred words long, this blog may be hard to follow for all my fifth grade readers.

So if you got lost along this blog, let me summarize what this one was about:

  1. friends are good.
  2. you should call your best friend you haven’t spoken to in a year.
  3. Friends temper who you are, and make you stronger. As the bible would say, “Iron sharpens iron”
  4. You should have friends that agree with you, and don’t agree with you. Just don’t have dumb friends.
  5. I mean you can have some dumb friends if you want but it may not be good for you.
  6. If you’re dumb and this offended you I apologize.
  7. If you’re dumb you should get some smart friends so you can become less dumb.

Subscribe for more lists.

Tomorrow’s blog is going to have bullet points instead of lists.


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Taking a Breath.

I think I’ve set my tempo a bit too high the past few days. My brain is on overdrive. I feel like the past few days have been flying in overdrive.

I haven’t been too busy either, so it’s strange. Today I got up, put my chef hat on, made a batch of gourmet scrambled eggs, and trotted off to run some errands. During this period of time my brain was flying auto-pilot; it took me to a health and safety class where two people were asleep, and snoring loudly.

The person next to me in class asked me if I could give him some cash; after telling me he just got out of prison of course. Then almost immediately after the instructor told us to silence our cell phones, his rings, and he answers it in class. This happens four more times in the hour presentation.

Dude must be popular.

Or it’s his parole officer.

Then I must have gone through some sort of time portal, because I went to Starbucks, did some taxes, and now I’m here; in bed. Blogging at midnight. Which seems like the worst time in the world to blog, but here I am.

You know what the blog provides to me, though? Something that I’m sure you can get somewhere if you spend the time to look:

It always gives me the opportunity to take a breath.

Taking a breath is so important in this crazy fast paced life we lead. It gives us an way to slow down. It gives us time to think about things that we’ve been pushing aside. Or just haven’t gotten the chance to think about yet.

Make sure that you are making time for yourself every day. Maybe you should take a brief walk, or go on a hike, or find a quiet coffee shop and just sit. Whatever the case, it’s so gratifying to just be able to pause life for a moment and just breath. I know that sometimes I let life get away from me. I do it to myself mostly. I get wrapped up in my phone or in TV that I don’t even realize how much time I’m wasting. My brain turns into a content consuming mindless mind.

Turn off the phone, pause the TV. Just take a moment to think about where you’re at and what you’re doing. Taking a breath is a great way to measure how we’re feeling on a day to day basis. Sometimes when we’re rushing on autopilot we tend to ignore what we really want, or what we really need to do.

Focus on that blank wall in front of you. Focus on some thoughts that are swirling around in your mind. Remind yourself where you’re going in life, and what you’re big plans are. Life is short, sure, but we sure have the ability to slow it down a lot if we want to.

I want to.

So anyways shout out to my prison boy I refused to give money to today!

I had cash. I lied about having cash.

That wasn’t very Christian of me.

This Christian didn’t want to get shanked in health class though.

Stay out of jail.

Silence your cell phones.

Photo by Kylo on Unsplash


I have to get a haircut.

“Your hair’s looking shaggy”

I’ve turned into a shaggy mess. There’s something almost freeing about it. I’m an unfettered mess. Exactly how God made me. I have cow-licks sticking out from every end, and when I try to look presentable it just takes one gust of wind for me to look like a hurricane just swept through my hairline.

You’d think with hair like that, i’d be an every month haircut type guy. Well. . .  Nope. . . I think when I look into the mirror and see the perfect version of myself, I always have a great haircut. Honestly though, as the imperfect man that I am getting haircuts all the time are at the bottom of the list of things that I want to do.

This admission about my dislike of haircuts leads me to another grave and punishable sin that I would like to confess. If my future wife is reading this I apologize in advance: I am a slob. The haircut thing plays heavily into that. I don’t have that great “QUAFF” hairstyle. I don’t keep up to date with my clothing. I don’t have a “style. I have shirts. I also have Jeans. Sometimes, Jackets.

My car’s a mess. My room’s a mess. I’m a mess.

Slobbiness may be an issue, but I still stand by that fact that haircuts are a major inconvenience. And if I’m confronted with the choice of having to deal with a whirlwind of shagginess or getting a haircut every four weeks. I take the whirlwind. My life is a whirlwind. My hair reflects that perfectly.

So you might say right now, “Johnson, this blog is awfully pessimistic, and you’re using it to justify bad habits!” You are correct. But if you want, I will turn it around I guess. For your sake.

So even though I hate getting haircuts, I will go and get a haircut soon. The storm of hair is becoming too thick and unkempt. It must go. This is a great example for life. In life, you’re going to have to deal with things every day. It could be taxes, haircuts, people, jobs, whatever. You have to go through it and work on it at some point. Life a hurricane just like my hair. Whatever you give attention to will calm down while the things you ignore will fester and grow stronger.


Life is a balancing act.

Your focus cuts through the noise. We all have to balance our crazy schedules from day to day, and work on improving ourselves in the process. Sometimes your hair might get a little unkempt like mine.Or maybe you’re ignoring something more important that you shouldn’t be ignoring.

Remember, in life, there’s always time. Just focus on what’s important, and get a clear head. See where you’re putting your attention in life, and ask yourself if you’re doing the right thing. Maybe you need to cut some things away, or maybe you need to stop ignoring something

(or someone.)

Or maybe you just need a dang haircut.

Get a haircut.


Get that fabulous QUAFF.
You’ll look beautiful.
Or handsome.
Or whatever.

Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

Gif from Scott Pilgrim VS the World. (which is a movie. That I love.)


What are you hoping for?

We are all hoping for something in life. Sometimes we set our expectations a bit too high, and become disappointed. Sometimes we’re hoping for something to happen that’s just out of our control. Hope is a constant and powerful part of our lives, no matter how things turn out.

I’ve been thinking about hope today. I feel like hopes and dreams are often closely related. Some people might treat them the same. Let me tell you what I think the differences are:

Dreams are for later. Hope is for now.

When I was a kid I dreamt of being a writer just as another kid would dream of being an astronaut. I played outside creating stories with characters that had interesting personalities. Oh, and they all had crazy super powers. I was young, it was cool to me then.

It’s also still cool.

Yet, that was a dream. I would often talk about how amazing it would be to be a writer. To have a bunch of books I’d written with awesome stories and characters that I made myself. I’d have money and fame because obviously that’s what comes with being a successful writer.

That’s the dream. To reach a level of literary greatness that someone will ask, “Oh man have you read that new book by J. Dunn?”.

That’s a dream though. Not hope.

Hope is right here. Right in my apartment that I share with my friend. Where I sleep on the couch and write blogs with my laptop. I work during the day, do school, and blog. Hope says: “Write. Write right now. Pick up a pen or a laptop or a napkin and write something. Write a blog. Wrack your brain for some stupid idea to pour your heart into. Discipline yourself to do this. Every day.”  

I don’t hope that someday I’ll be a writer, because hope says I am a writer. Because I’m writing. Dreams are some high achieving but seemingly unreachable goal. Hope is closer to the heart. Hope says: “You dream to be a famous writer? Start writing the book.”

You’re not going to get a better opportunity than now to pursue what’s important to you. Maybe you’ll accomplish your dream, maybe you won’t. But I can tell you right now, whatever your dream is, you can be pursuing it now. Do you dream to be a filmmaker? What’s stopping you from grabbing your phone and filming something right now? Want to be an artist? Make art.

Hope doesn’t have a goal in mind. It’s an attitude. If you’re hoping to achieve your dreams in life. Hope says: “Don’t wait.”

I’m about to get nerdy.

One of the best examples of hope is Frodo and Sam. The two great hobbits in The Lord of the Rings. They hoped to destroy a magic ring. That hope wasn’t, “Oh I hope that someday we’ll be able to destroy this”. Their hope was, “If I can just take one more step, I’ll be one step closer.”

Take a step closer to your dreams.


Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

4 Tips to Write Better Blogs

Update. I finished the rough draft of the paper I was complaining about yesterday.

It’s not great.

I’m very happy with it.

I was just thinking today about the difference between assigned writing, and a free-flow blog. I start many of my blogs just by typing out some nonsense, and slowly it forms into a coherent and messy production. On the other hand, I’ve also walked into a blog with an inspired and well defined subject. I like both approaches very much, though I think I lean towards the former. I enjoy being able to talk about my thoughts without feeling like I need to conform to an overall theme.

It’s even easier to write if you choose bullet points. That way you can still make it up as you go, and it makes it look like you’re smart. If I chose before starting this blog that it was going to be called “4 tips to writers” that would be way easier to write than just sifting through a cascade of my own thoughts. Plus, lists are a great way to reach a broader audience.

Wait why don’t I just do that.

Think of the views.

Here’s how to write better blogs:

1. Brag about statistics on every social platform.

This is a must. How are people going to know that you have a thousand followers on twitter if you don’t tell them. Everyone wants to know how your blog is doing. Don’t create content that you are inspired by. Create content that will generate more traffic. Always start your blog by mentioning your newest give-a-way, or talk about the follower milestone you just smashed! Jam some original content at the bottom next to all your egotistical humble-bragging.

2. Fit in.

Are you struggling to create your own blog? Just look at other successful blogs that are doing a better job than you! Copy them! Don’t use your imagination to create something new. And don’t use your unique perspective to perhaps make a statement that others around you might not agree with.

Simply yell into the echo-chamber. Again, Twitter is great for that! It’s such a wonderful echo-chamber!

I think I’ve been on Twitter too much…

3. Let others know how amazing your blogs are!

Your views may not be there yet, but that’s not because your content needs to get better. It’s because you just haven’t yelled to enough people to read your blog! Post at least once a month. And when you do post make sure you talk about how hard it was for you to scrape together four coherent paragraphs about how much you love your dog Shredder. Be proud of that blog. Be proud of Shredder. If you don’t expect an Emmy and thousands of dollars for every blog, you’re obviously not living up to your own amazing writing ability.

So tell everyone.


4. Listen to advice, but also, don’t.

You know what. Success in life is a combination of luck and hard work. I was told once that the harder you work the luckier you get. There’s not a lot in life that’s truer than that. When you are doing something you love you will get better over time. Your goal shouldn’t be attention, or that sweet sweet blog money. Your goal should be making something you’re proud of.

Criticism and advice is important for us all to get better and grow.  But you know what, if you have the vision for something, that’s your vision. Someone else may have a problem with it because they don’t see what you see. You will be successful in your own way, not someone else’s.

So now that I’ve given you all this golden wisdom, make sure to like, subscribe, and comment about how much I improved your life.

Everyday Johnson is about to hit 50 followers on WordPress. In celebration, I’m going to give away a crisp dollar bill to one of my lucky followers.

You all mean so much to me.

As long as you give me more attention.
Again, like and subscribe. I love you all so much.
So, so much.

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Unproductive Days.

I’m suffering. I’ve spent the day today despairing over a paper that’s due Monday. I’ve written one page.

Utter. Depression.

I’m resigned to my fate. I’m going to bed after I finish writing this. No more paper writing for today.
Have you ever had a day where you couldn’t think? I think that’s my problem today. My brain just decided to never wake up. I’m like, “hey bro I need you” and he says nothing because he doesn’t work. Either he doesn’t work, or he urges me to distract myself doing pointless things.

Thanks brain, much appreciated.

I got Andy’s in the hope that the sugar would wake me up a bit. It did not wake me up and now I’m crashing fast. I’m also listening to sad music. Because I’m sad. Not really, but I did want to finish that paper today. I’m disappointed that I didn’t. Therefore I’m punishing my brain with sad music.

Take that, brain.

I mean sure, I’m probably not great at writing character analysis papers. They’re just not the type of assignment that grips me. Teacher tells me to “find symbolism” and that translates to “make up some garbage and I’ll tell you whether or not I like the garbage by giving you a good or bad grade”. Obviously that’s not true.

But actually, it is.

Maybe I’ll stay up tonight and finish the paper. I think for the first time all day I’m actually waking up.
Let’s talk about something a little more productive shall we?


I’ve been frustrated with myself for simply not being able to write a stupid paper. I can’t find anything in the subject material that I think is worth writing about. My issue is that I really do, in my heart, want the paper to be good. Is that stupid? Probably. . . My issue is that I need to feel a certain way sometimes before I can be confident in my writing. Especially when it comes to something that I don’t enjoy writing at all. That just didn’t happen today.
cue the sad music.
So when you have a day that’s completely unproductive, what do you do? Do you listen to sad music and eat ice cream, while you cry your eyeballs out writing a blog that doesn’t make any sense?
I mean, you could.
We all have unproductive days. People have ups and downs. Sometimes your brain just doesn’t want to work with you. Sometimes you just didn’t get enough sleep. Sometimes you’re a grump. That happens. We’re human. I sure don’t think you should justify shrugging your responsibilities based off of how you feel on any certain day, but what I’m saying is some days you’re just not going to hit it out of the park. That’s okay.
When you have an off day, don’t make yourself feel guilty about it. I’m not going to cry myself to sleep tonight because I didn’t finish a paper. I’m going to read a book, listen to some music, take some time to think for myself, and go to sleep hoping that tomorrow is better. We all have off days. That doesn’t mean anything.
Even when you’re doing awesome in life and your swinging it out of the park, you may have nights where you feel like crap, or you get nothing done. Just chill. Eat some ice cream. Have a good cry.

Live your life.

Excuse me while I binge eat to fill the hole in my heart.
The turtle is my spirit animal.

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash