Taking a Breath.

I think I’ve set my tempo a bit too high the past few days. My brain is on overdrive. I feel like the past few days have been flying in overdrive.

I haven’t been too busy either, so it’s strange. Today I got up, put my chef hat on, made a batch of gourmet scrambled eggs, and trotted off to run some errands. During this period of time my brain was flying auto-pilot; it took me to a health and safety class where two people were asleep, and snoring loudly.

The person next to me in class asked me if I could give him some cash; after telling me he just got out of prison of course. Then almost immediately after the instructor told us to silence our cell phones, his rings, and he answers it in class. This happens four more times in the hour presentation.

Dude must be popular.

Or it’s his parole officer.

Then I must have gone through some sort of time portal, because I went to Starbucks, did some taxes, and now I’m here; in bed. Blogging at midnight. Which seems like the worst time in the world to blog, but here I am.

You know what the blog provides to me, though? Something that I’m sure you can get somewhere if you spend the time to look:

It always gives me the opportunity to take a breath.

Taking a breath is so important in this crazy fast paced life we lead. It gives us an way to slow down. It gives us time to think about things that we’ve been pushing aside. Or just haven’t gotten the chance to think about yet.

Make sure that you are making time for yourself every day. Maybe you should take a brief walk, or go on a hike, or find a quiet coffee shop and just sit. Whatever the case, it’s so gratifying to just be able to pause life for a moment and just breath. I know that sometimes I let life get away from me. I do it to myself mostly. I get wrapped up in my phone or in TV that I don’t even realize how much time I’m wasting. My brain turns into a content consuming mindless mind.

Turn off the phone, pause the TV. Just take a moment to think about where you’re at and what you’re doing. Taking a breath is a great way to measure how we’re feeling on a day to day basis. Sometimes when we’re rushing on autopilot we tend to ignore what we really want, or what we really need to do.

Focus on that blank wall in front of you. Focus on some thoughts that are swirling around in your mind. Remind yourself where you’re going in life, and what you’re big plans are. Life is short, sure, but we sure have the ability to slow it down a lot if we want to.

I want to.

So anyways shout out to my prison boy I refused to give money to today!

I had cash. I lied about having cash.

That wasn’t very Christian of me.

This Christian didn’t want to get shanked in health class though.

Stay out of jail.

Silence your cell phones.

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I have to get a haircut.

“Your hair’s looking shaggy”

I’ve turned into a shaggy mess. There’s something almost freeing about it. I’m an unfettered mess. Exactly how God made me. I have cow-licks sticking out from every end, and when I try to look presentable it just takes one gust of wind for me to look like a hurricane just swept through my hairline.

You’d think with hair like that, i’d be an every month haircut type guy. Well. . .  Nope. . . I think when I look into the mirror and see the perfect version of myself, I always have a great haircut. Honestly though, as the imperfect man that I am getting haircuts all the time are at the bottom of the list of things that I want to do.

This admission about my dislike of haircuts leads me to another grave and punishable sin that I would like to confess. If my future wife is reading this I apologize in advance: I am a slob. The haircut thing plays heavily into that. I don’t have that great “QUAFF” hairstyle. I don’t keep up to date with my clothing. I don’t have a “style. I have shirts. I also have Jeans. Sometimes, Jackets.

My car’s a mess. My room’s a mess. I’m a mess.

Slobbiness may be an issue, but I still stand by that fact that haircuts are a major inconvenience. And if I’m confronted with the choice of having to deal with a whirlwind of shagginess or getting a haircut every four weeks. I take the whirlwind. My life is a whirlwind. My hair reflects that perfectly.

So you might say right now, “Johnson, this blog is awfully pessimistic, and you’re using it to justify bad habits!” You are correct. But if you want, I will turn it around I guess. For your sake.

So even though I hate getting haircuts, I will go and get a haircut soon. The storm of hair is becoming too thick and unkempt. It must go. This is a great example for life. In life, you’re going to have to deal with things every day. It could be taxes, haircuts, people, jobs, whatever. You have to go through it and work on it at some point. Life a hurricane just like my hair. Whatever you give attention to will calm down while the things you ignore will fester and grow stronger.


Life is a balancing act.

Your focus cuts through the noise. We all have to balance our crazy schedules from day to day, and work on improving ourselves in the process. Sometimes your hair might get a little unkempt like mine.Or maybe you’re ignoring something more important that you shouldn’t be ignoring.

Remember, in life, there’s always time. Just focus on what’s important, and get a clear head. See where you’re putting your attention in life, and ask yourself if you’re doing the right thing. Maybe you need to cut some things away, or maybe you need to stop ignoring something

(or someone.)

Or maybe you just need a dang haircut.

Get a haircut.


Get that fabulous QUAFF.
You’ll look beautiful.
Or handsome.
Or whatever.

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Gif from Scott Pilgrim VS the World. (which is a movie. That I love.)


What are you hoping for?

We are all hoping for something in life. Sometimes we set our expectations a bit too high, and become disappointed. Sometimes we’re hoping for something to happen that’s just out of our control. Hope is a constant and powerful part of our lives, no matter how things turn out.

I’ve been thinking about hope today. I feel like hopes and dreams are often closely related. Some people might treat them the same. Let me tell you what I think the differences are:

Dreams are for later. Hope is for now.

When I was a kid I dreamt of being a writer just as another kid would dream of being an astronaut. I played outside creating stories with characters that had interesting personalities. Oh, and they all had crazy super powers. I was young, it was cool to me then.

It’s also still cool.

Yet, that was a dream. I would often talk about how amazing it would be to be a writer. To have a bunch of books I’d written with awesome stories and characters that I made myself. I’d have money and fame because obviously that’s what comes with being a successful writer.

That’s the dream. To reach a level of literary greatness that someone will ask, “Oh man have you read that new book by J. Dunn?”.

That’s a dream though. Not hope.

Hope is right here. Right in my apartment that I share with my friend. Where I sleep on the couch and write blogs with my laptop. I work during the day, do school, and blog. Hope says: “Write. Write right now. Pick up a pen or a laptop or a napkin and write something. Write a blog. Wrack your brain for some stupid idea to pour your heart into. Discipline yourself to do this. Every day.”  

I don’t hope that someday I’ll be a writer, because hope says I am a writer. Because I’m writing. Dreams are some high achieving but seemingly unreachable goal. Hope is closer to the heart. Hope says: “You dream to be a famous writer? Start writing the book.”

You’re not going to get a better opportunity than now to pursue what’s important to you. Maybe you’ll accomplish your dream, maybe you won’t. But I can tell you right now, whatever your dream is, you can be pursuing it now. Do you dream to be a filmmaker? What’s stopping you from grabbing your phone and filming something right now? Want to be an artist? Make art.

Hope doesn’t have a goal in mind. It’s an attitude. If you’re hoping to achieve your dreams in life. Hope says: “Don’t wait.”

I’m about to get nerdy.

One of the best examples of hope is Frodo and Sam. The two great hobbits in The Lord of the Rings. They hoped to destroy a magic ring. That hope wasn’t, “Oh I hope that someday we’ll be able to destroy this”. Their hope was, “If I can just take one more step, I’ll be one step closer.”

Take a step closer to your dreams.


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4 Tips to Write Better Blogs

Update. I finished the rough draft of the paper I was complaining about yesterday.

It’s not great.

I’m very happy with it.

I was just thinking today about the difference between assigned writing, and a free-flow blog. I start many of my blogs just by typing out some nonsense, and slowly it forms into a coherent and messy production. On the other hand, I’ve also walked into a blog with an inspired and well defined subject. I like both approaches very much, though I think I lean towards the former. I enjoy being able to talk about my thoughts without feeling like I need to conform to an overall theme.

It’s even easier to write if you choose bullet points. That way you can still make it up as you go, and it makes it look like you’re smart. If I chose before starting this blog that it was going to be called “4 tips to writers” that would be way easier to write than just sifting through a cascade of my own thoughts. Plus, lists are a great way to reach a broader audience.

Wait why don’t I just do that.

Think of the views.

Here’s how to write better blogs:

1. Brag about statistics on every social platform.

This is a must. How are people going to know that you have a thousand followers on twitter if you don’t tell them. Everyone wants to know how your blog is doing. Don’t create content that you are inspired by. Create content that will generate more traffic. Always start your blog by mentioning your newest give-a-way, or talk about the follower milestone you just smashed! Jam some original content at the bottom next to all your egotistical humble-bragging.

2. Fit in.

Are you struggling to create your own blog? Just look at other successful blogs that are doing a better job than you! Copy them! Don’t use your imagination to create something new. And don’t use your unique perspective to perhaps make a statement that others around you might not agree with.

Simply yell into the echo-chamber. Again, Twitter is great for that! It’s such a wonderful echo-chamber!

I think I’ve been on Twitter too much…

3. Let others know how amazing your blogs are!

Your views may not be there yet, but that’s not because your content needs to get better. It’s because you just haven’t yelled to enough people to read your blog! Post at least once a month. And when you do post make sure you talk about how hard it was for you to scrape together four coherent paragraphs about how much you love your dog Shredder. Be proud of that blog. Be proud of Shredder. If you don’t expect an Emmy and thousands of dollars for every blog, you’re obviously not living up to your own amazing writing ability.

So tell everyone.


4. Listen to advice, but also, don’t.

You know what. Success in life is a combination of luck and hard work. I was told once that the harder you work the luckier you get. There’s not a lot in life that’s truer than that. When you are doing something you love you will get better over time. Your goal shouldn’t be attention, or that sweet sweet blog money. Your goal should be making something you’re proud of.

Criticism and advice is important for us all to get better and grow.  But you know what, if you have the vision for something, that’s your vision. Someone else may have a problem with it because they don’t see what you see. You will be successful in your own way, not someone else’s.

So now that I’ve given you all this golden wisdom, make sure to like, subscribe, and comment about how much I improved your life.

Everyday Johnson is about to hit 50 followers on WordPress. In celebration, I’m going to give away a crisp dollar bill to one of my lucky followers.

You all mean so much to me.

As long as you give me more attention.
Again, like and subscribe. I love you all so much.
So, so much.

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Unproductive Days.

I’m suffering. I’ve spent the day today despairing over a paper that’s due Monday. I’ve written one page.

Utter. Depression.

I’m resigned to my fate. I’m going to bed after I finish writing this. No more paper writing for today.
Have you ever had a day where you couldn’t think? I think that’s my problem today. My brain just decided to never wake up. I’m like, “hey bro I need you” and he says nothing because he doesn’t work. Either he doesn’t work, or he urges me to distract myself doing pointless things.

Thanks brain, much appreciated.

I got Andy’s in the hope that the sugar would wake me up a bit. It did not wake me up and now I’m crashing fast. I’m also listening to sad music. Because I’m sad. Not really, but I did want to finish that paper today. I’m disappointed that I didn’t. Therefore I’m punishing my brain with sad music.

Take that, brain.

I mean sure, I’m probably not great at writing character analysis papers. They’re just not the type of assignment that grips me. Teacher tells me to “find symbolism” and that translates to “make up some garbage and I’ll tell you whether or not I like the garbage by giving you a good or bad grade”. Obviously that’s not true.

But actually, it is.

Maybe I’ll stay up tonight and finish the paper. I think for the first time all day I’m actually waking up.
Let’s talk about something a little more productive shall we?


I’ve been frustrated with myself for simply not being able to write a stupid paper. I can’t find anything in the subject material that I think is worth writing about. My issue is that I really do, in my heart, want the paper to be good. Is that stupid? Probably. . . My issue is that I need to feel a certain way sometimes before I can be confident in my writing. Especially when it comes to something that I don’t enjoy writing at all. That just didn’t happen today.
cue the sad music.
So when you have a day that’s completely unproductive, what do you do? Do you listen to sad music and eat ice cream, while you cry your eyeballs out writing a blog that doesn’t make any sense?
I mean, you could.
We all have unproductive days. People have ups and downs. Sometimes your brain just doesn’t want to work with you. Sometimes you just didn’t get enough sleep. Sometimes you’re a grump. That happens. We’re human. I sure don’t think you should justify shrugging your responsibilities based off of how you feel on any certain day, but what I’m saying is some days you’re just not going to hit it out of the park. That’s okay.
When you have an off day, don’t make yourself feel guilty about it. I’m not going to cry myself to sleep tonight because I didn’t finish a paper. I’m going to read a book, listen to some music, take some time to think for myself, and go to sleep hoping that tomorrow is better. We all have off days. That doesn’t mean anything.
Even when you’re doing awesome in life and your swinging it out of the park, you may have nights where you feel like crap, or you get nothing done. Just chill. Eat some ice cream. Have a good cry.

Live your life.

Excuse me while I binge eat to fill the hole in my heart.
The turtle is my spirit animal.

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I’m not a critic. I’m especially not a literary critic. Those fools spend so much time tearing apart literature in order to get to deeper (and certainly more contrived) meanings. I’m going to tell you what I thought about a book. At face value. From a regular Joe. I mean Johnson. A Johnson who’s a regular Joe.

It took me well over a year to finish this book. I’ll credit that to being busy, poor time management, and having a girlfriend. And let’s be honest, if you want to relax and read a book, Dostoyevsky’s books aren’t exactly gripping in the same way that modern books are.

This is a book about characters. A clash of ideals; where every one of them has their world view challenged, and all of their lives are shaken to the very core.

Shockingly, this is a slow moving book with lots of characters involved in a very intense story. All of it revolves around the three sons, Alyosha, Ivan, and Dimitry. All of the characters have a different way of dealing with their father, and adjusting to life without him. Alyosha is a devout priest whose faith gets challenged. Ivan is the atheist who loses all sense of meaning and hope in the world. And Dimitry, at the center of it all, gets framed for his father’s murder.

That’s it. That’s basically the entire book. The way that it twists and turns, and slowly worms it’s way through the story is amazing. Every action of every character means something, and the consequences for their words and actions are often surprising.

While the content of the book is heavy and complicated, you never feel like you are in the dark about what’s going on, because the plot itself is very simple: The Father is dead. Someone killed him. It was probably Dimitry.

While the premise is simple, the characters are complicated. Dostoevsky has a special ability of being able write complex and emotional characters that just seem so real. Alyosha is so committed to the church, and has such a vast love for God, but at the same time he has inner demons and doubts that he is constantly dealing with. He calls this turmoil his inner “Karamazov” that seeks to turn him like his father. Then, on top of all this his faith becomes challenged by an external event.. He isn’t perfect, and his faith has  to go through a crucible of doubt.

The same can be said for Ivan: Who is so tormented by his choices that he becomes physically ill. He believes that since God does not exist,  everything is permitted, so it blurs the lines of morality. This belief becomes challenged, and we don’t know whether he keeps this belief, or it grows into something better. I hope that he changed his ways.

What I loved so much about this book is all throughout it, it taught me about humanity, and about myself. It is a story that looks at the soul of a man, and asks questions that we will often ask ourselves in our own lives. The characters are constantly second guessing their own actions, and hoping that they are making the right choice.

In your life, your beliefs will constantly be challenged. This story is a great example of why that’s a good thing. Alyosha’s faith was challenged, and in the end he became wiser and stronger in his faith. It grew him as a person and pushed him forward in life. When Ivan’s belief was challenged, it showed him where he was wrong. When Dimitry was thrown into prison for a crime he did not commit, he became better through the trial of belief. Because even though he did not physically kill his father, he was shown how he was partly responsible.

This book is like looking into the soul of humanity. It shows you what drives us, and how ideas or beliefs alter our entire lives for better or for worse. If you read this book I hope it makes you just as introspective as the characters in it.

It’s an opportunity to strengthen your beliefs

Read this book. It’s good.

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Today was a foggy day. For the past few days I’ve been up and down with my sleeping schedule. Sometimes waking up at six, sometimes at nine, most of the time getting to bed late.

I look like a raccoon.

I haven’t wanted to write all day, so now i’m paying the price. I don’t even have sugar to help me this time. You’re getting a stone cold tired Johnson blog tonight, buckle up. . . Or nod off, who knows, it might be boring.

Plus I ate about six servings of Alfredo sauce tonight because I’m training to be a server at my new job. Apparently training means that you sit around and you chug different types of heart clogging sauce.

Typically by this paragraph in the blog I’ve stated some kind of thought or idea that’s going to carry me to the end of this blog. So, where’s the deep thought? Now I’m feeling nervous.

Well let’s think about that for a minute. What makes you nervous in life? I can remember lots of times where I got really nervous. My first kiss; the first time I went in for a job interview; my first time going on a roller-coaster (and actually every other time I went on a roller-coaster. Have I mentioned I hate roller-coasters?); the first time I spoke publicly in front of a group of real people. These were all just little examples of times where I got more nervous than I’d ever been before. They were experiences that I probably will never forget. The question now is why did I get so nervous? Why do I still get nervous?

I walked into my second day of training today for the serving position I’m going to be working. I was nervous. I don’t know why I was nervous since I had worked there previously. I had experience working at that same restaurant a few years before! Yet I was still nervous. I fumbled up to tables when I was asked to practice my greet.

I’ve got several years of serving experience and I was shy talking to customers tonight! It’s surreal even thinking about it right now.

I think nervousness comes from a lot of different areas. You might feel uncomfortable, or you might feel inexperienced, or you just might have a lack of confidence in that area. For whatever reason, you’re going to feel nervous from time to time. This is okay! Everyone gets nervous.

Unless you’re a sociopath. Sociopath’s only get nervous when they’re grinding their neighbors into puppy chow.

Being nervous in new situations is okay, it’s even good.

Nervousness should not be something that you consider negative. Before you get good at something, you’re going to be bad at it. There’s no reason to be ashamed about that. Nervousness is not your body telling you to run away, it’s your body telling you to focus up. It puts you on your toes, it forces adrenaline through your veins. Yeah, it’s uncomfortable. Yeah, you probably hate it, but like all emotions, it has a purpose.

So how do you harness that purpose and avoid the negative aspects of nervousness?

1.Be Deliberate.

Sure, you should always be deliberate with your actions, but you should be even more deliberate when you feel nervous. Slow down your breathing, speak confidently with your chest, try not to rush, and make sure every action you take is calculated. You will always be able to pause and take a breath. Do it. Nervousness causes us to rush and make mistakes. Plus it’s harder to enjoy yourself when your rushing around all the time. Think about what you’re doing, be deliberate.

2. Don’t talk about how nervous you are.

Anytime I’ve ever thought someone was nervous was only when they told me they were nervous. Talking about how nervous you are is only going to make you more nervous, and it’s going to let everyone around you know that you’re nervous. You’d be surprised how confident people will think you are if you simply don’t say how nervous you feel.

3. Raccoons.

My fellow raccoons, I was feeling nervous today, but I try and cope with it the best I know. I just try and be myself, and SPEAK WITH MY CHEST. Life gets you nervous. Work that to your advantage and just live in the moment. That adrenaline rush is going to feel great once you accomplish whatever you were nervous about.

It’s bed-time now, raccoon out.

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My ACTUAL Routine.

If you thought my fake routine was awesome, just wait.

So surprise! I don’t actually have a superhuman routine. I don’t wake up at five in the morning, and I certainly don’t have daily prayer sessions with the cat. Let’s go through how my day’s actually run:

I wake up some time in the morning, hopefully.

So my roommate and I have a goal to start waking up at six every morning so we can hit the gym before our days start. Some days we’re successful at this, other days (like today) we fail. Though I generally experience the same feeling whenever I wake up, and trust me, it’s not happiness.

Mornings make Johnson a grumpy Johnson.

When I wake up I check my phone a little bit, hoping that my loathing of the morning goes away; it never does. I generally crawl either to the shower or to the car to go to the gym. That’s the thing about my actual routine: I certainly don’t do the same thing every day, but I have things that I do.

I go to the gym.

I hate the gym, but I always feel better after I go. Does this mean that I secretly don’t hate the gym, and see it as the anti-hero of my life? A necessary struggle in order to achieve something? No, I think the gym is the devil, and would actually prefer to never go to it again.

I just don’t want to get fat.

I go to Starbucks.

There are people I know that adore Starbucks. I don’t, but there’s one thing that I do appreciate about it; it’s insanely convenient. There’s practically a Starbucks around every block in Tulsa. In terms of coffee and experience there’s way better coffee shops downtown, but that’s not what I’m going to Starbucks for. I’m going there to get a shot of energy injected in my heart Pulp Fiction style so I can get some semblance of work done. I’m not going because I like it.

I work (Or more precisely, I don’t work.)

I know in my blog yesterday I said that at a certain time every day I go to work. That was a lie. I don’t go to work, because I don’t have a job. I just moved to Tulsa a little over a month ago. I had a specific restaurant I wanted to work at, and they took their sweet time getting back to me. Plus I wasn’t really in a rush to get a job. I’ve been travelling a lot and hanging with friends. I’ve been slacking off for a month straight.  It’s wonderful.

Tomorrow I actually start my job. So even though it’s not part of my routine right now, it will be shortly.

I do school.

I’m in online school right now. I also consider it to be a waste of time. I’m starting to think that if I ever do go back to school to get a degree, I’m going to go to a physical school rather than do online school. I’m sick of doing discussion boards on pointless topics, and never learning anything practical. Ah, well, I still hope to get an A.

Isn’t that silly?

I will not be registering for classes next semester, though, because I’m going to focus on writing and growing the blog.

Momblogging is the next big thing.

So what makes a good routine, good?

Even though my routine is pretty messed up, I think we can all afford to have a messed up routine. Life is fun, and you shouldn’t kick yourself too much because you woke up at seven when you were supposed to wake up at five. Forcing yourself onto a strict schedule takes a lot of the fun and spontaneity out of life. I understand that discipline is hugely important for success and general life fulfillment, but that doesn’t mean that you run your life like a socialist empire (meaning, you work all day and never have fun. Also, you starve and have no money. Occasionally genocide works it’s way in too).

I like to think of routine as a list of tasks that you do every day. You commit to doing them before hand, and you always follow through the best you can. Your routine is probably a bit like mine: Gym, work, social-life, spiritual fulfillment, and self-improvement. It’s important that you cross off these tasks every day, because without them you aren’t living, you’re just shuffling along.

I actually really like my routine. There’s always room for improvement, but I’m going places. Routine is a tool that propels you forward in your day.

You may not be a super human, but you got this!

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Travel: Branson, MO.

Today i’m in Branson Missouri. We came down here to see Sampson: The Play. I’ve never been to Branson before, but i’d say it’s nice. There’s always too many tourists when a place is nice, though.

Branson is named after a the man who started the town in the late 1800’s. He opened a post office. That’s how you started towns back then I guess.

Later on some other guy bought a cave and started charging for entry. That’s also another thing you could do back then. Just put some rope around any boring thing and start charging for admission. If you put rope around it, people will come.

Now you know everything there is to know about Branson. Or at least, everything I know about this place.

I’ve been in Branson for two days. I started writing this blog yesterday (see the four really SOLID paragraphs above.) and now we’re heading home. Branson was awesome. We didn’t get too heavily invested in the history or the museums, but we did get invested in mini-golf and ice-cream. Branson does have several museums though. I’m sure they’re nice.

My trip to Branson got me thinking about the importance of travel. I think sometimes when we get so settled into our routine time starts to get away from us. We end up stagnating a bit and just doing the same old stuff. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my routine. It makes me feel accomplished, and like my days have purpose. But it’s important to break your routine every now and then, and the perfect way to do that is with travel.

New experiences are good for you.

When you go to a new place, and see new things, your brain wakes up. Going to a location you’re unfamiliar with makes you pay more attention to what’s going on around you. It allows you to live your life in a way that is different for you. Are you the type of person who loves theater and sees plays all the time? No? Maybe in Branson you’re that type of person. Are you the type of person that imagines yourself walking on the beach drinking pina colada’s? Maybe you need to go to the beach and find out.

A lot of what defines who you are in the moment is your atmosphere. Are you boring Joe who yells at everyone about how they never change the coffee filter in the office? Or are you awesome Joe who feels awesome because he’s not in the office, but instead he’s wrapped up like a burrito camping in the mountains. Joe might be a grump in the office sometimes, but he’s probably a cool dude. If you’re a grump, maybe you need a vacation. Or maybe you need a change in location all-together. Joe could also have anger issues. If that’s you, Joe, a great location for you to be in is anger management.

Your brain loves travel. You create long lasting memories way easier while travelling, because you’re constantly experiencing new things that you’re not used to. If you travel a lot, your brain is learning and remember new things. This makes you smarter,  and makes your brain work better! Does your brain not work good sometimes? Maybe you need a vacation.

Travelling is flipping fun. Go to Branson. They have funnel cakes.

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PROCRASTINATE. (or don’t.)

Hello fellow night owls! This post is for you.

Not really. I just decided to write this blog at a late time. Technically it’s past my bedtime. If you don’t have a bedtime, you should. Being in bed is awesome. I’m not in bed right now. You can tell because I’m here, talking to you.

My sleep schedule has honestly been pretty off since moving back to Tulsa. Been partying too much. . . “Partying” to me means staying up past eleven and eating absurd amounts of Andy’s.  

Gosh I love being an adult. I often see my nieces and nephews ask their parents for treats. They’ll sometimes cry if they don’t get treats and I just chortle condescendingly to myself and stuff my face with mars bars.

You know what sucks about being an adult though? You have to hold yourself accountable to stuff. Isn’t that just garbage?

Can’t I just inhale disgusting amounts of fudge while I binge watch the office?

I’ve done that. And while it felt amazing in the moment, I don’t think it was a good life decision. . .  I was thinking about that today, about how sometimes we as humans do things that are probably not good for us. We do things that are often against our better judgement. This long intro is going to be about one of those things.

This is going to be the start of a list that is called:

THINGS I DO THAT I SHOULDN’T DO. EVER. (And neither should you.)


You know what I did tonight? I wrote a paper that’s due tomorrow. And while I celebrated my genius of being able to write a (maybe) passing grade paper the day before it’s due, it seemed a little hollow to me.

Procrastination is a disease. I am constantly confronted with it. Example? I’m writing my blog, my DAILY blog, at 11 P.M. . . I will be posting this blog within an hour. Is it going to be amazing? Maybe. Is it purely inspired by panic and the need for it to be complete before 12? Obviously.

Some people (myself included) thrive off of the adrenaline rush that procrastination creates. It allows you to get things done in half the time! It would’ve taken me four hours to write my paper if I started it last week! It only took me two today! Sure, those extra hours probably would have made it flow better. It probably would have made more sense. I could’ve also spent more time researching my thesis. . . BUT I SAVED TIME.

Gosh I sound like I’m justifying my disease. Don’t. Procrastinate. I will give you a solution:

Get a nice note-pad. A fancy one with little boxes on it. When you go to bed tonight, think about the things you’d like to do tomorrow. Grab that fancy little darling of a note-pad and make a list. Write it in your fanciest penmanship or your most appalling chicken scratch; and when you wake up in the morning you get that list DONE. Do that every day. Do it for your days, your weeks, and your YEARS.

That Fancy-Pad will change your life, plus it’ll make you feel all good when you check an item off of your list.

Right now I don’t have a note-pad, but as soon as I get one you can be sure I’ll go nuts.

Tasks turn into goals which when accomplished make you into a better person than you were before.

Instead of procrastinating, write down what you want to accomplish, and get it done. 

Or you could gain a hundred pounds eating fudge while watching the office for the 16th time.
I might do that.  
Now excuse me. I have some chortling to do and mars bars to eat.

Photo by Pedro da Silva on Unsplash