Social Media.

In the spirit of appreciating meaninglessness in the materialistic waste of time that is social media; I decided to give you a brief synopsis of what these different platforms are, and what their role is in your social life.

Their are certain communities on the internet that are good, and help people become better while also curing a secret loneliness within them. I will not be talking about that today. Today I’m talking about the mundane, irrelevant, and pretentious mockery that is social media in it’s base form.

Let’s build this sandwich from the worst platform up.

Lettuce begin:


Sometimes I log into Facebook, realize what I’m doing, then immediately log out. Facebook is a disgusting amalgamation of the charred remains of good content. It consists of recycled memes, political humor (if you can call it that), baby pictures, and/or people getting married or engaged.

In order for you to actually see something that might interest you, like the life events of a close friend or family member; you have to sift through an insurmountable amount of garbage.

Also, ads. Ads everywhere.

No I don’t care that you fell off your bike and want to show us your bone sticking through your skin

No I don’t care that you care DEEPLY about the grammatical holocaust that is misspelling ‘they’re, their, there’.

Your ability to post memes or skits that other people made doesn’t make you funny.

Moving on:


It’s like Facebook but even more politically charged. There’s a greater sense of community, but if you follow more than a house-full of people you get bombarded with meaningless quotes and opinions from people you most likely don’t care about all the time. It takes a frustratingly large amount of time in order to see something meaningful that you appreciate, or an opinion that makes you think.

People on Twitter think they’re more intellectual than people on the other platforms.

They’re not.

Yes I have a twitter. Don’t @ me. I also have a Facebook; I’m going to continue to trash them and other platforms that I use daily:

This is a philosophical amount of hypocrisy.




Insta is sleek and streamlined. You follow your friends, they post photo’s of things happening in their life with quasi-deep captions like:  “Live in the sun, dance in the rain”

It’s a better Facebook. It’s still Facebook though. There’s garbage everywhere. The discover page is littered with Insta-models, people flexin’, celebrities, and occasionally the rare talented photographer. It’s rare that you see photographs that actually inspire you. People don’t like being inspired creatively I guess; they prefer lust, envy, and recycled comedy.

Why am I bothering to write this.


Your parent’s don’t know what this website is.

The hive-mind behemoth of Reddit. It’s a fascinating website filled with a fantastic amount of sorted communities. While I have a lot more respect for this website, and spend a lot more time on it than other websites; I’m also going to complain about it. Why not, this is my blog, that’s what I do here. I complain.

Reddit is the self-righteous know it all of the social media family. It’s the website you scroll through when you want to laugh silently through your nose while you’re procrastinating.

Or maybe you pretend that you’re becoming more well informed by listening to the singular opinion of a certain subreddit; while ignoring all other opposing viewpoints no matter how credible.

Reddit is a head rush of information. It still employs recycled jokes and meta-humor. It’s still a garbage social media website, but it’s probably one of the best.

Are there other SM websites?

Do they matter?

Uh, no. None of them matter.

The only one that matters is Runescape. Gotta go mine for four hours and talk to my guild about fishing.

Also, shout out to Snapchat. Haven’t used it for months and it’s still my favorite social media platform.




Binging Friends is a heck of a way to spend a few weeks.

I’m not saying that’s what I’ve been doing, but it does indeed sound like a heck of away to spend a few weeks.

What have you been accomplishing recently? I don’t feel like I’ve been up to very much. It’s been relaxing and frustrating. I told myself this blog is for me, but what do I want to talk about? That’s what’s been on my mind a bit I think.

This is an avenue for me to work on my writing and expose my thoughts; though every time I’ve thought about the blog for the past few weeks I just sort of shifted it out of my mind. Its been a little fly buzzing around my ears that I just keep swatting away. Every day the subtle desire comes to write about something, but it gets nudged aside.

That gentle nudge has been bothering me lately. How easy it is to cap a passion that should be boiling inside me. How boring I am. How pointless I feel when I throw away my pen over a badly written sentence or two.

I look at someone else, someone who is not me. I think about their purpose, their dreams. Shakespeare was a focused man. His pen bent to his will, the only thing he broke was his back and his discipline for his passion. His passion was relentless. His genius was ever-flowing. Kurt Vonnegut wrote thousands of words only to dash them against the wall because it didn’t sound right. He woke to write his passion, if the only thing he had was a broken pencil and scattered scraps of paper he would still write something worth reading.

Where is that passion? Where is that meaning in myself? In yourself? Where is the passion in life, that fire, that purpose of being? These people you idolize into these genius figures of single mind and purpose, why can’t I just be like them?

Well, life isn’t fair I guess. We’re dealt a hand that we must play. We have opportunities to grow and improve, and that’s our choice.

I feel we limit ourselves by comparing ourselves to others who are better than us. There’s a mental battle I’m constantly dealing with when I try to write creatively. I tend to look at the negative aspect of how “it’s all been done before, so what could I possibly create?”

A subtle downside to this amazing and comfortable life we live in is that if you lack a singular purpose, you’ll probably be fine. You can live your entire life striving for nothing really in particular, and you’ll be fine. I don’t want to be fine. I want to accomplish something. The struggle, the battle is what boils that passion in our souls.

What do you want?

Are you limiting yourself by scattering your focus?

When I don’t work on what I’m passionate about, I feel empty inside. Yet I still have no problem putting it aside when there’s something easy I can distract myself with.

It’s hard to be single minded when there’s so much opportunity to be distracted. Whether that’s with friends or work or stress, it’s easy. The hard thing is focusing on what you want to accomplish, even when it’s not expedient.

Are you putting yourself down because someone else has accomplished more than you currently hope to accomplish?

Are you avoiding your passion because you fear it won’t be good enough?

I want to encourage you in your purpose today. No matter how high and lofty your goals are, as long as you remain disciplined and focused, you can do it. Stop putting off that desire within you. Don’t devalue your passion because your not as good as your idols.

If it’s your passion, stop limiting yourself.


Risk is the chance that things will not work out the way that you expect or calculate. Taking a risk means that you take a chance that you might fail, knowing that there is also a chance that you might succeed spectacularly.

I’ve met people that lived life in a very small bubble. Anxiety threatened to pop the bubble at any time, and the fear of risk trapped them in a small (depressing) world. I’ve also met people who constantly threw caution to the wind and made very stupid decisions. They would say they were taking a “risk” and it didn’t work out; when in reality they were being stupid.

I try to live life right in the middle of the risk zone. Most people live life there. It’s called a comfort zone, or something I guess. A comfort zone is the level of risk you are comfortable with, and is where you live your life. Some people have large comfort zones, which borders on stupidity; and other people’s comfort zones are so small they fear going outside because there’s a chance they’ll get the plague.

When I started writing this blog I was going to talk about how much of an advocate of RISK  I am. “The higher the risk, the higher the reward” I was going to say. I was going to frame it in a way that made perfect sense. My readers would say to me, “Johnson I can see now I need to take more risks, I need to smell the roses, I need to go skydiving, I need to ask for that promotion, I need to call that girl i’ve been meaning to call”. It was going to be highly uplifting.

Hundreds of hits I would’ve gotten.

I finally would’ve been able to hire that editor I’ve So (DeSpErAtley) NeEdeD.

I’m tired of talking about it though. Everyone knows that taking risks in life is generally a good thing, as long as you’re not stupid.

I think that’s a general caveat to anything that I say: take my advice, unless you’re stupid. Then don’t. Swaddle yourself up in a little blanket and make sure to protect your head with some kind of helmet as you continue through life.

Though I’m sure if you’re literate enough to read my silly scrawled sentences then you don’t have to worry about being too stupid.

Stupid people always think they’re smart, though.

So do smart people.

So does everyone.

I once talked to someone who thought they were completely and utterly average.

They must have been brilliant.

Or maybe they were just honest.

Moral to the story? Life is a risk. You’re going to die someday. It’s not going to suck for you because you’ll be dead. The thing that’s going to suck for you is if you live your life doing exactly what you hate doing, rather than what you want to be doing.

Don’t have the time or resources to do what you want? Make a change. It’s possible, your mindset just needs to change.

Don’t know what you want to be doing with your life? Welcome to the party. If you’re in that place like many of us, the best thing to do is start expanding your comfort zone. Take more risks. Find what you love by breaking out of your boring, exhausting, silly life.

You’re literally risking your life every day anyways.

Good luck I guess.


Photo by Sylas Boesten on Unsplash

5 Ways to Perfectly Roast Duck.

I think I always start off my blog by talking about how tired and out of ideas I feel.

That’s uplifting.

Today I’m just tired. I’ve got great ideas, I just don’t have the willpower to follow through with them. So here I am in a tired blogging limbo.

I think it’s because when I write i’m using my emotions as a tool to channel what I want to say. So when I’m tired it becomes harder to say what I want to say, because all I really want to talk about is HOW TIRED I AM.

I had this great idea about blogging about some kind of recipe for food. Like I’d name the blog, “5 easy ways to roast that duck” and instead of talking about the actual recipe I’d just talk about nonsense the whole time until the blog was over.

It sounded like a great idea in my head okay. Maybe it’s not a great idea, but you’re never going to find out the amazing ways you could be roasting your duck anyways so suck on that, faithful reader that I’m SO THANKFUL FOR.

I still think it’s a great idea. Like maybe I’d pretend for a second we’d be getting into it. I’d say, “That reminds me about number 4 of the 5 amazing ways you can roast that duck. I’m super excited to show you my techniques for measuring the temperature of the roasted bird, but first let’s talk about my new merch!” You know, it’d be like that.

So let’s talk about my new merch.

I don’t have any new merch. If I had merch though I think it would be the best. It would say “The Daily Johnson” on it, and everyone would either think it’s a news journal or a shady website.

They’’d be right on both counts. I’m a shady news site.

Get the shadiest of news here. Next week I’m going to talk about how shady Oak trees are compared to their brethren, the furn. And while we’re comparing shade:

We might as well throw some.

Just kidding I have no shade to throw. If you’re my parent’s — which you probably are. Let’s be honest here, my parents are the only ones that have made it this far into this rambling blog about a duck roasting recipe that they’re never going to actually get to use because the recipe doesn’t actually exist. —  

Then you probably don’t know what throwing shade is. Throwing shade is like throwing pipe bomb. Accept instead of a pipe bomb, it’s a mean phrase.

Pipe bombs and stones may break my bones, but shade will never hurt me.

Yeah I’m going to bed.

Good luck roasting your duck. I’m sure another boring blog has fifty different ways you can cook chicken by stringing it to the roof of your house and letting it bake in the sun.

That’s not really what this blog is about.

This blog is about the deeper things in life.

Like plugging merch.


*Book Update* The lead character’s name will be Dale. That is all.

Today’s been good. I’ve started a new book, I’ve gone to church, I made some chicken. Staples of a good day: books, church, chicken. Though, I’m starting to suspect I cooked the chicken improperly because my stomach is aching. I also fell asleep in church. . .

The book is great though!

Certain things you do in life might be staples for you. You might eat ice cream every Friday in celebration for the weekend. Maybe you have a show that you like to watch on Thursdays. Maybe on Tuesday’s you take psychedelics and dance in the moonlight. . .

Just don’t catch a cold.

Routine is great for finding your staples in life. My friends and I like to play games on Sunday night. We sit in circles, roll dice, talk, you know, game stuff. That’s a staple I enjoy. I also enjoy actual staples. They’re useful.

Wait am I talking about staples or rituals? Or both? I think game night is a ritual, and chicken is a staple. I’ve figured it out people. I’m also leaving all the above in for reference. So now we can all know the difference between staples and rituals. We’re all learning. Together.

Let’s talk about staples

I’m going to give you some staples for a good life. We’re back to lists ladies and gentlemen. It’s gonna be a fun one.


     1. Books.

Did you think I was finished talking about books? No. Because when all the other staples fail you, when your chicken is bad and your ice cream is melted, books will still be there for you.

I seriously cannot stress enough how important reading is. Reading makes you smarter. It lets you look at worlds unknown and learn things that you might not have ever learned before. It’s like magic. You read some words on paper in a pattern that someone else made up, and you learn things about people and about yourself. It’s just magic.

I especially think it’s good to read fiction. Non-fiction is good too; all those self help books and history books and autobiographies and such and such and such. . . Fiction, though, that’s where the world of reading really opens up. Fiction allows you to temporarily experience someone else’s life. It broadens your perspective on life.

Books are like friends. The more time you spend together, the more you become like them. If you read smart books, you become smarter. It’s just like that.

Plus, if you read dumb books you’ll still be smarter than the person who doesn’t read at all.

So that’s something.

Second staple: You think I’m going to say chicken, and I would say chicken. Chicken is great.

The last chicken I ate made me feel bad. I’m done with chicken. I’m going straight beef from now on. I don’t care how bad for me it is. Never again will I eat chicken. I know it’s my fault for either not cooking it properly or by not checking the date to see if it was expired, but it’s not my fault. It’s the chickens fault.


     2. Coffee

That’s right. Coffee can’t poison you. Nobody’s ever said to themselves, “I think i had some bad coffee today. It’s making me sick”. Nope. Coffee will never let you down that easy. It always gives you that little boost you need, and if you didn’t get it on the first cup you can easily have another! And another after that!

Creativity runs on coffee. In my mind, people who don’t drink caffeine and have normally functioning brains are amazing to me. Their either demi-gods or superhumans. I just know I’m not one of them.

Thus, coffee is a staple. It’s a wonderful addiction and I think everyone should be part of it, and enjoy it.

Most coffee drinkers have that opinion. I think we’re almost cult-like, actually.

The Cult of Coffee.

Good lists come in threes so here is the final staple for a good life.


     3. Music.

If coffee is my lifeblood, music is my heart. It pumps inspiration to my brain every day. There’s nothing like a good song to lift me up, and nothing like a sad song when I want to feel just the right kind of sad.

I’ll listen to anything, and I hope you do too. Music is like books in a way. They both make you think, and they both inspire you in different ways.

Sure, maybe you only listen to the same two bands from the nineties. You like what you like, and nothing can change that. I mean, that’s cool. You’re a different person after all.

I’ll think you’re a robot, though.


And you probably like Ska, too.
You monster.

Photo by Mel Baylon on Unsplash


So I walked outside this morning and was startled to find a mountain of dried pollen on my car.

Oh right, it’s that time of year.


♫Nose is always runny, I sneeze, eyes are itchy,

There’s Benadryl in my system already, mom’s spaghetti.♫


Spring is here.

Color has finally returned to the world! It’s been spring for a couple weeks, but I feel as if I only noticed a change today. It’s nice. I’m also sneezing a lot more. Not nice.

Spring is the season where the world wakes up from it’s winter slumber. The birds sing, the trees and flowers begin to bloom, everything is green and beautiful. It’s the season of growth and energy.

Spring not only is the season of growth, it’s the season of NEW.

New beginnings, new goals, new toys! Spring isn’t a season of reflection, it’s a season of ACTION! Make that change you’ve been desiring to make now! Everything else around you is changing, why not? You may be sneezing all over like a snot-helicopter, but there’s a new energy all around! Take this season as an opportunity to try something new.

Not sure what kind of new things to try? Here’s a few:

Listen to a different type of music.

Maybe you haven’t even found your favorite band yet. Maybe you’ll love Ska if you give it a real good chance. I’ve given Ska a real good chance.

I don’t like it.

Read a new author, maybe even a genre you aren’t familiar with.

I’m currently reading Princess Bride. It’s an adventure of high fantasy and true love. Keep it fresh with the books you read. You can always get something good out of a book, even if you don’t like it very much.

Basically, just do something you’re not super comfortable with.

How else do you grow if you don’t expand into new areas?

Thinking about doing new things, I’ve decided. I’m going to write a book. I’ve settled it. It’s happening. I’m starting now. Let’s do this. Spring is here, why not.

You know what else spring is about? Spring is about cleaning.

I think it’s about cleaning because there’s pollen from about a quadrillion flowers on my car, and on everything else in my life. I think back in the old days people got tired of trudging through molten pools of pollen, so they invented spring cleaning.

I’ve noticed a serious difference in my attitude and happiness when I have a clean environment. My car is a dumpster right now, though. I’ll update you on the quality of my life once I’ve spring cleaned it.

Spring is about change

There’s a bright light in the air, and an energy that only spring has. There’s something so special about the world we live in. It’s easy to ignore it when you’re busy, but the world has things to say if you listen.

Gosh, I sound like a hippy trying to convince you to become in tune with the rhythm energy of the world or something.

In every season there’s a change and a shift. Change is good in life. If you want to learn something from the seasons, maybe just learn that one small fact. Change is good. Sometimes the best thing you can do in your life is change it up just a little bit.

Try something new, clean your car, get a plant.

I’ve always wanted a desk cactus.

Like, here’s my desk cactus everybody. I only water it once a month. He’s so happy, look at him, all prickly and stuff.

Photo by Anisur Rahman on Unsplash

Travel and Friends.

Just got back from visiting some friends in Omaha today. After essentially being an Omaha resident for four days, here’s everything to know about Omaha. Or at least, everything I know about it.

Which isn’t a lot:

  1. There’s potholes.
  2. You drive a lot.
  3. It’s a place.
  4. I got a haircut there.
  5. The haircut was good.
  6. I loved it.

I wasn’t there for the place. I was there for the people.

I have some friends all over the country that I consider my best friends. We may not see each other a lot, but when we do it’s just like old times. We have heart to hearts, we play games, we get into friendly arguments about life. We talk as if no time has passed at all.

If you have friends like that, keep them.

It’s easy to get caught up in your own thing in life, which is completely understandable. I want to be successful and work on my career as much as the next young determined person, but staying in touch with people you’re close to is just as important.

Your closest friends help bring out the person that you want to be. Being with people you’re comfortable around gives you an opportunity to express who you really are. When we become too busy, or when we close ourselves off to our friends, we lose a part of ourselves.

If you’re at a point in your life right now where you’re a bit confused about who you are, or what you’re doing, maybe you need to take some time off and call an old friend. The closest people in your life may be able to give you some insight, or they might just be able to make you feel better. No matter what, if you have someone like that in your life make sure you don’t lose them to time.

Friends temper you.

This is a thought that I talked about a lot over the weekend with my friend. Being able to confide your thoughts in someone that will listen to you and provide feedback is so important. So often I keep my thoughts to myself when surrounded by people because I don’t think they would listen to what I have to say. When a friend actually listens to you, it grows both of you.

Have friends who aren’t afraid to tell you you’re wrong.

The times in my life where I’ve grown the most is when I confessed an opinion, and someone told me I was wrong. Being wrong isn’t a bad thing. Being wrong and refusing to listen is a terrible thing. When a close friend disagrees with you, that’s an opportunity for you to grow. If you listen to what they have to say, or what criticism they have for you, that’s an opportunity for you to grow.

You may be like me. I always think I’m right.

This is bad.

Even though I always think I’m right, I always listen to people I respect.

This is good.

Being nearly five hundred words long, this blog may be hard to follow for all my fifth grade readers.

So if you got lost along this blog, let me summarize what this one was about:

  1. friends are good.
  2. you should call your best friend you haven’t spoken to in a year.
  3. Friends temper who you are, and make you stronger. As the bible would say, “Iron sharpens iron”
  4. You should have friends that agree with you, and don’t agree with you. Just don’t have dumb friends.
  5. I mean you can have some dumb friends if you want but it may not be good for you.
  6. If you’re dumb and this offended you I apologize.
  7. If you’re dumb you should get some smart friends so you can become less dumb.

Subscribe for more lists.

Tomorrow’s blog is going to have bullet points instead of lists.


Photo by Joey Csunyo on Unsplash


I have to get a haircut.

“Your hair’s looking shaggy”

I’ve turned into a shaggy mess. There’s something almost freeing about it. I’m an unfettered mess. Exactly how God made me. I have cow-licks sticking out from every end, and when I try to look presentable it just takes one gust of wind for me to look like a hurricane just swept through my hairline.

You’d think with hair like that, i’d be an every month haircut type guy. Well. . .  Nope. . . I think when I look into the mirror and see the perfect version of myself, I always have a great haircut. Honestly though, as the imperfect man that I am getting haircuts all the time are at the bottom of the list of things that I want to do.

This admission about my dislike of haircuts leads me to another grave and punishable sin that I would like to confess. If my future wife is reading this I apologize in advance: I am a slob. The haircut thing plays heavily into that. I don’t have that great “QUAFF” hairstyle. I don’t keep up to date with my clothing. I don’t have a “style. I have shirts. I also have Jeans. Sometimes, Jackets.

My car’s a mess. My room’s a mess. I’m a mess.

Slobbiness may be an issue, but I still stand by that fact that haircuts are a major inconvenience. And if I’m confronted with the choice of having to deal with a whirlwind of shagginess or getting a haircut every four weeks. I take the whirlwind. My life is a whirlwind. My hair reflects that perfectly.

So you might say right now, “Johnson, this blog is awfully pessimistic, and you’re using it to justify bad habits!” You are correct. But if you want, I will turn it around I guess. For your sake.

So even though I hate getting haircuts, I will go and get a haircut soon. The storm of hair is becoming too thick and unkempt. It must go. This is a great example for life. In life, you’re going to have to deal with things every day. It could be taxes, haircuts, people, jobs, whatever. You have to go through it and work on it at some point. Life a hurricane just like my hair. Whatever you give attention to will calm down while the things you ignore will fester and grow stronger.


Life is a balancing act.

Your focus cuts through the noise. We all have to balance our crazy schedules from day to day, and work on improving ourselves in the process. Sometimes your hair might get a little unkempt like mine.Or maybe you’re ignoring something more important that you shouldn’t be ignoring.

Remember, in life, there’s always time. Just focus on what’s important, and get a clear head. See where you’re putting your attention in life, and ask yourself if you’re doing the right thing. Maybe you need to cut some things away, or maybe you need to stop ignoring something

(or someone.)

Or maybe you just need a dang haircut.

Get a haircut.


Get that fabulous QUAFF.
You’ll look beautiful.
Or handsome.
Or whatever.

Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

Gif from Scott Pilgrim VS the World. (which is a movie. That I love.)

Unproductive Days.

I’m suffering. I’ve spent the day today despairing over a paper that’s due Monday. I’ve written one page.

Utter. Depression.

I’m resigned to my fate. I’m going to bed after I finish writing this. No more paper writing for today.
Have you ever had a day where you couldn’t think? I think that’s my problem today. My brain just decided to never wake up. I’m like, “hey bro I need you” and he says nothing because he doesn’t work. Either he doesn’t work, or he urges me to distract myself doing pointless things.

Thanks brain, much appreciated.

I got Andy’s in the hope that the sugar would wake me up a bit. It did not wake me up and now I’m crashing fast. I’m also listening to sad music. Because I’m sad. Not really, but I did want to finish that paper today. I’m disappointed that I didn’t. Therefore I’m punishing my brain with sad music.

Take that, brain.

I mean sure, I’m probably not great at writing character analysis papers. They’re just not the type of assignment that grips me. Teacher tells me to “find symbolism” and that translates to “make up some garbage and I’ll tell you whether or not I like the garbage by giving you a good or bad grade”. Obviously that’s not true.

But actually, it is.

Maybe I’ll stay up tonight and finish the paper. I think for the first time all day I’m actually waking up.
Let’s talk about something a little more productive shall we?


I’ve been frustrated with myself for simply not being able to write a stupid paper. I can’t find anything in the subject material that I think is worth writing about. My issue is that I really do, in my heart, want the paper to be good. Is that stupid? Probably. . . My issue is that I need to feel a certain way sometimes before I can be confident in my writing. Especially when it comes to something that I don’t enjoy writing at all. That just didn’t happen today.
cue the sad music.
So when you have a day that’s completely unproductive, what do you do? Do you listen to sad music and eat ice cream, while you cry your eyeballs out writing a blog that doesn’t make any sense?
I mean, you could.
We all have unproductive days. People have ups and downs. Sometimes your brain just doesn’t want to work with you. Sometimes you just didn’t get enough sleep. Sometimes you’re a grump. That happens. We’re human. I sure don’t think you should justify shrugging your responsibilities based off of how you feel on any certain day, but what I’m saying is some days you’re just not going to hit it out of the park. That’s okay.
When you have an off day, don’t make yourself feel guilty about it. I’m not going to cry myself to sleep tonight because I didn’t finish a paper. I’m going to read a book, listen to some music, take some time to think for myself, and go to sleep hoping that tomorrow is better. We all have off days. That doesn’t mean anything.
Even when you’re doing awesome in life and your swinging it out of the park, you may have nights where you feel like crap, or you get nothing done. Just chill. Eat some ice cream. Have a good cry.

Live your life.

Excuse me while I binge eat to fill the hole in my heart.
The turtle is my spirit animal.

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash


Today was a foggy day. For the past few days I’ve been up and down with my sleeping schedule. Sometimes waking up at six, sometimes at nine, most of the time getting to bed late.

I look like a raccoon.

I haven’t wanted to write all day, so now i’m paying the price. I don’t even have sugar to help me this time. You’re getting a stone cold tired Johnson blog tonight, buckle up. . . Or nod off, who knows, it might be boring.

Plus I ate about six servings of Alfredo sauce tonight because I’m training to be a server at my new job. Apparently training means that you sit around and you chug different types of heart clogging sauce.

Typically by this paragraph in the blog I’ve stated some kind of thought or idea that’s going to carry me to the end of this blog. So, where’s the deep thought? Now I’m feeling nervous.

Well let’s think about that for a minute. What makes you nervous in life? I can remember lots of times where I got really nervous. My first kiss; the first time I went in for a job interview; my first time going on a roller-coaster (and actually every other time I went on a roller-coaster. Have I mentioned I hate roller-coasters?); the first time I spoke publicly in front of a group of real people. These were all just little examples of times where I got more nervous than I’d ever been before. They were experiences that I probably will never forget. The question now is why did I get so nervous? Why do I still get nervous?

I walked into my second day of training today for the serving position I’m going to be working. I was nervous. I don’t know why I was nervous since I had worked there previously. I had experience working at that same restaurant a few years before! Yet I was still nervous. I fumbled up to tables when I was asked to practice my greet.

I’ve got several years of serving experience and I was shy talking to customers tonight! It’s surreal even thinking about it right now.

I think nervousness comes from a lot of different areas. You might feel uncomfortable, or you might feel inexperienced, or you just might have a lack of confidence in that area. For whatever reason, you’re going to feel nervous from time to time. This is okay! Everyone gets nervous.

Unless you’re a sociopath. Sociopath’s only get nervous when they’re grinding their neighbors into puppy chow.

Being nervous in new situations is okay, it’s even good.

Nervousness should not be something that you consider negative. Before you get good at something, you’re going to be bad at it. There’s no reason to be ashamed about that. Nervousness is not your body telling you to run away, it’s your body telling you to focus up. It puts you on your toes, it forces adrenaline through your veins. Yeah, it’s uncomfortable. Yeah, you probably hate it, but like all emotions, it has a purpose.

So how do you harness that purpose and avoid the negative aspects of nervousness?

1.Be Deliberate.

Sure, you should always be deliberate with your actions, but you should be even more deliberate when you feel nervous. Slow down your breathing, speak confidently with your chest, try not to rush, and make sure every action you take is calculated. You will always be able to pause and take a breath. Do it. Nervousness causes us to rush and make mistakes. Plus it’s harder to enjoy yourself when your rushing around all the time. Think about what you’re doing, be deliberate.

2. Don’t talk about how nervous you are.

Anytime I’ve ever thought someone was nervous was only when they told me they were nervous. Talking about how nervous you are is only going to make you more nervous, and it’s going to let everyone around you know that you’re nervous. You’d be surprised how confident people will think you are if you simply don’t say how nervous you feel.

3. Raccoons.

My fellow raccoons, I was feeling nervous today, but I try and cope with it the best I know. I just try and be myself, and SPEAK WITH MY CHEST. Life gets you nervous. Work that to your advantage and just live in the moment. That adrenaline rush is going to feel great once you accomplish whatever you were nervous about.

It’s bed-time now, raccoon out.

Photo by Ethan Haddox on Unsplash