Taking a Breath.

I think I’ve set my tempo a bit too high the past few days. My brain is on overdrive. I feel like the past few days have been flying in overdrive.

I haven’t been too busy either, so it’s strange. Today I got up, put my chef hat on, made a batch of gourmet scrambled eggs, and trotted off to run some errands. During this period of time my brain was flying auto-pilot; it took me to a health and safety class where two people were asleep, and snoring loudly.

The person next to me in class asked me if I could give him some cash; after telling me he just got out of prison of course. Then almost immediately after the instructor told us to silence our cell phones, his rings, and he answers it in class. This happens four more times in the hour presentation.

Dude must be popular.

Or it’s his parole officer.

Then I must have gone through some sort of time portal, because I went to Starbucks, did some taxes, and now I’m here; in bed. Blogging at midnight. Which seems like the worst time in the world to blog, but here I am.

You know what the blog provides to me, though? Something that I’m sure you can get somewhere if you spend the time to look:

It always gives me the opportunity to take a breath.

Taking a breath is so important in this crazy fast paced life we lead. It gives us an way to slow down. It gives us time to think about things that we’ve been pushing aside. Or just haven’t gotten the chance to think about yet.

Make sure that you are making time for yourself every day. Maybe you should take a brief walk, or go on a hike, or find a quiet coffee shop and just sit. Whatever the case, it’s so gratifying to just be able to pause life for a moment and just breath. I know that sometimes I let life get away from me. I do it to myself mostly. I get wrapped up in my phone or in TV that I don’t even realize how much time I’m wasting. My brain turns into a content consuming mindless mind.

Turn off the phone, pause the TV. Just take a moment to think about where you’re at and what you’re doing. Taking a breath is a great way to measure how we’re feeling on a day to day basis. Sometimes when we’re rushing on autopilot we tend to ignore what we really want, or what we really need to do.

Focus on that blank wall in front of you. Focus on some thoughts that are swirling around in your mind. Remind yourself where you’re going in life, and what you’re big plans are. Life is short, sure, but we sure have the ability to slow it down a lot if we want to.

I want to.

So anyways shout out to my prison boy I refused to give money to today!

I had cash. I lied about having cash.

That wasn’t very Christian of me.

This Christian didn’t want to get shanked in health class though.

Stay out of jail.

Silence your cell phones.

Photo by Kylo on Unsplash

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