What are you hoping for?

We are all hoping for something in life. Sometimes we set our expectations a bit too high, and become disappointed. Sometimes we’re hoping for something to happen that’s just out of our control. Hope is a constant and powerful part of our lives, no matter how things turn out.

I’ve been thinking about hope today. I feel like hopes and dreams are often closely related. Some people might treat them the same. Let me tell you what I think the differences are:

Dreams are for later. Hope is for now.

When I was a kid I dreamt of being a writer just as another kid would dream of being an astronaut. I played outside creating stories with characters that had interesting personalities. Oh, and they all had crazy super powers. I was young, it was cool to me then.

It’s also still cool.

Yet, that was a dream. I would often talk about how amazing it would be to be a writer. To have a bunch of books I’d written with awesome stories and characters that I made myself. I’d have money and fame because obviously that’s what comes with being a successful writer.

That’s the dream. To reach a level of literary greatness that someone will ask, “Oh man have you read that new book by J. Dunn?”.

That’s a dream though. Not hope.

Hope is right here. Right in my apartment that I share with my friend. Where I sleep on the couch and write blogs with my laptop. I work during the day, do school, and blog. Hope says: “Write. Write right now. Pick up a pen or a laptop or a napkin and write something. Write a blog. Wrack your brain for some stupid idea to pour your heart into. Discipline yourself to do this. Every day.”  

I don’t hope that someday I’ll be a writer, because hope says I am a writer. Because I’m writing. Dreams are some high achieving but seemingly unreachable goal. Hope is closer to the heart. Hope says: “You dream to be a famous writer? Start writing the book.”

You’re not going to get a better opportunity than now to pursue what’s important to you. Maybe you’ll accomplish your dream, maybe you won’t. But I can tell you right now, whatever your dream is, you can be pursuing it now. Do you dream to be a filmmaker? What’s stopping you from grabbing your phone and filming something right now? Want to be an artist? Make art.

Hope doesn’t have a goal in mind. It’s an attitude. If you’re hoping to achieve your dreams in life. Hope says: “Don’t wait.”

I’m about to get nerdy.

One of the best examples of hope is Frodo and Sam. The two great hobbits in The Lord of the Rings. They hoped to destroy a magic ring. That hope wasn’t, “Oh I hope that someday we’ll be able to destroy this”. Their hope was, “If I can just take one more step, I’ll be one step closer.”

Take a step closer to your dreams.


Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

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