4 Tips to Write Better Blogs

Update. I finished the rough draft of the paper I was complaining about yesterday.

It’s not great.

I’m very happy with it.

I was just thinking today about the difference between assigned writing, and a free-flow blog. I start many of my blogs just by typing out some nonsense, and slowly it forms into a coherent and messy production. On the other hand, I’ve also walked into a blog with an inspired and well defined subject. I like both approaches very much, though I think I lean towards the former. I enjoy being able to talk about my thoughts without feeling like I need to conform to an overall theme.

It’s even easier to write if you choose bullet points. That way you can still make it up as you go, and it makes it look like you’re smart. If I chose before starting this blog that it was going to be called “4 tips to writers” that would be way easier to write than just sifting through a cascade of my own thoughts. Plus, lists are a great way to reach a broader audience.

Wait why don’t I just do that.

Think of the views.

Here’s how to write better blogs:

1. Brag about statistics on every social platform.

This is a must. How are people going to know that you have a thousand followers on twitter if you don’t tell them. Everyone wants to know how your blog is doing. Don’t create content that you are inspired by. Create content that will generate more traffic. Always start your blog by mentioning your newest give-a-way, or talk about the follower milestone you just smashed! Jam some original content at the bottom next to all your egotistical humble-bragging.

2. Fit in.

Are you struggling to create your own blog? Just look at other successful blogs that are doing a better job than you! Copy them! Don’t use your imagination to create something new. And don’t use your unique perspective to perhaps make a statement that others around you might not agree with.

Simply yell into the echo-chamber. Again, Twitter is great for that! It’s such a wonderful echo-chamber!

I think I’ve been on Twitter too much…

3. Let others know how amazing your blogs are!

Your views may not be there yet, but that’s not because your content needs to get better. It’s because you just haven’t yelled to enough people to read your blog! Post at least once a month. And when you do post make sure you talk about how hard it was for you to scrape together four coherent paragraphs about how much you love your dog Shredder. Be proud of that blog. Be proud of Shredder. If you don’t expect an Emmy and thousands of dollars for every blog, you’re obviously not living up to your own amazing writing ability.

So tell everyone.


4. Listen to advice, but also, don’t.

You know what. Success in life is a combination of luck and hard work. I was told once that the harder you work the luckier you get. There’s not a lot in life that’s truer than that. When you are doing something you love you will get better over time. Your goal shouldn’t be attention, or that sweet sweet blog money. Your goal should be making something you’re proud of.

Criticism and advice is important for us all to get better and grow.  But you know what, if you have the vision for something, that’s your vision. Someone else may have a problem with it because they don’t see what you see. You will be successful in your own way, not someone else’s.

So now that I’ve given you all this golden wisdom, make sure to like, subscribe, and comment about how much I improved your life.

Everyday Johnson is about to hit 50 followers on WordPress. In celebration, I’m going to give away a crisp dollar bill to one of my lucky followers.

You all mean so much to me.

As long as you give me more attention.
Again, like and subscribe. I love you all so much.
So, so much.

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

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