Today was a foggy day. For the past few days I’ve been up and down with my sleeping schedule. Sometimes waking up at six, sometimes at nine, most of the time getting to bed late.

I look like a raccoon.

I haven’t wanted to write all day, so now i’m paying the price. I don’t even have sugar to help me this time. You’re getting a stone cold tired Johnson blog tonight, buckle up. . . Or nod off, who knows, it might be boring.

Plus I ate about six servings of Alfredo sauce tonight because I’m training to be a server at my new job. Apparently training means that you sit around and you chug different types of heart clogging sauce.

Typically by this paragraph in the blog I’ve stated some kind of thought or idea that’s going to carry me to the end of this blog. So, where’s the deep thought? Now I’m feeling nervous.

Well let’s think about that for a minute. What makes you nervous in life? I can remember lots of times where I got really nervous. My first kiss; the first time I went in for a job interview; my first time going on a roller-coaster (and actually every other time I went on a roller-coaster. Have I mentioned I hate roller-coasters?); the first time I spoke publicly in front of a group of real people. These were all just little examples of times where I got more nervous than I’d ever been before. They were experiences that I probably will never forget. The question now is why did I get so nervous? Why do I still get nervous?

I walked into my second day of training today for the serving position I’m going to be working. I was nervous. I don’t know why I was nervous since I had worked there previously. I had experience working at that same restaurant a few years before! Yet I was still nervous. I fumbled up to tables when I was asked to practice my greet.

I’ve got several years of serving experience and I was shy talking to customers tonight! It’s surreal even thinking about it right now.

I think nervousness comes from a lot of different areas. You might feel uncomfortable, or you might feel inexperienced, or you just might have a lack of confidence in that area. For whatever reason, you’re going to feel nervous from time to time. This is okay! Everyone gets nervous.

Unless you’re a sociopath. Sociopath’s only get nervous when they’re grinding their neighbors into puppy chow.

Being nervous in new situations is okay, it’s even good.

Nervousness should not be something that you consider negative. Before you get good at something, you’re going to be bad at it. There’s no reason to be ashamed about that. Nervousness is not your body telling you to run away, it’s your body telling you to focus up. It puts you on your toes, it forces adrenaline through your veins. Yeah, it’s uncomfortable. Yeah, you probably hate it, but like all emotions, it has a purpose.

So how do you harness that purpose and avoid the negative aspects of nervousness?

1.Be Deliberate.

Sure, you should always be deliberate with your actions, but you should be even more deliberate when you feel nervous. Slow down your breathing, speak confidently with your chest, try not to rush, and make sure every action you take is calculated. You will always be able to pause and take a breath. Do it. Nervousness causes us to rush and make mistakes. Plus it’s harder to enjoy yourself when your rushing around all the time. Think about what you’re doing, be deliberate.

2. Don’t talk about how nervous you are.

Anytime I’ve ever thought someone was nervous was only when they told me they were nervous. Talking about how nervous you are is only going to make you more nervous, and it’s going to let everyone around you know that you’re nervous. You’d be surprised how confident people will think you are if you simply don’t say how nervous you feel.

3. Raccoons.

My fellow raccoons, I was feeling nervous today, but I try and cope with it the best I know. I just try and be myself, and SPEAK WITH MY CHEST. Life gets you nervous. Work that to your advantage and just live in the moment. That adrenaline rush is going to feel great once you accomplish whatever you were nervous about.

It’s bed-time now, raccoon out.

Photo by Ethan Haddox on Unsplash

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