Travel: Branson, MO.

Today i’m in Branson Missouri. We came down here to see Sampson: The Play. I’ve never been to Branson before, but i’d say it’s nice. There’s always too many tourists when a place is nice, though.

Branson is named after a the man who started the town in the late 1800’s. He opened a post office. That’s how you started towns back then I guess.

Later on some other guy bought a cave and started charging for entry. That’s also another thing you could do back then. Just put some rope around any boring thing and start charging for admission. If you put rope around it, people will come.

Now you know everything there is to know about Branson. Or at least, everything I know about this place.

I’ve been in Branson for two days. I started writing this blog yesterday (see the four really SOLID paragraphs above.) and now we’re heading home. Branson was awesome. We didn’t get too heavily invested in the history or the museums, but we did get invested in mini-golf and ice-cream. Branson does have several museums though. I’m sure they’re nice.

My trip to Branson got me thinking about the importance of travel. I think sometimes when we get so settled into our routine time starts to get away from us. We end up stagnating a bit and just doing the same old stuff. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my routine. It makes me feel accomplished, and like my days have purpose. But it’s important to break your routine every now and then, and the perfect way to do that is with travel.

New experiences are good for you.

When you go to a new place, and see new things, your brain wakes up. Going to a location you’re unfamiliar with makes you pay more attention to what’s going on around you. It allows you to live your life in a way that is different for you. Are you the type of person who loves theater and sees plays all the time? No? Maybe in Branson you’re that type of person. Are you the type of person that imagines yourself walking on the beach drinking pina colada’s? Maybe you need to go to the beach and find out.

A lot of what defines who you are in the moment is your atmosphere. Are you boring Joe who yells at everyone about how they never change the coffee filter in the office? Or are you awesome Joe who feels awesome because he’s not in the office, but instead he’s wrapped up like a burrito camping in the mountains. Joe might be a grump in the office sometimes, but he’s probably a cool dude. If you’re a grump, maybe you need a vacation. Or maybe you need a change in location all-together. Joe could also have anger issues. If that’s you, Joe, a great location for you to be in is anger management.

Your brain loves travel. You create long lasting memories way easier while travelling, because you’re constantly experiencing new things that you’re not used to. If you travel a lot, your brain is learning and remember new things. This makes you smarter,  and makes your brain work better! Does your brain not work good sometimes? Maybe you need a vacation.

Travelling is flipping fun. Go to Branson. They have funnel cakes.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


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