PROCRASTINATE. (or don’t.)

Hello fellow night owls! This post is for you.

Not really. I just decided to write this blog at a late time. Technically it’s past my bedtime. If you don’t have a bedtime, you should. Being in bed is awesome. I’m not in bed right now. You can tell because I’m here, talking to you.

My sleep schedule has honestly been pretty off since moving back to Tulsa. Been partying too much. . . “Partying” to me means staying up past eleven and eating absurd amounts of Andy’s.  

Gosh I love being an adult. I often see my nieces and nephews ask their parents for treats. They’ll sometimes cry if they don’t get treats and I just chortle condescendingly to myself and stuff my face with mars bars.

You know what sucks about being an adult though? You have to hold yourself accountable to stuff. Isn’t that just garbage?

Can’t I just inhale disgusting amounts of fudge while I binge watch the office?

I’ve done that. And while it felt amazing in the moment, I don’t think it was a good life decision. . .  I was thinking about that today, about how sometimes we as humans do things that are probably not good for us. We do things that are often against our better judgement. This long intro is going to be about one of those things.

This is going to be the start of a list that is called:

THINGS I DO THAT I SHOULDN’T DO. EVER. (And neither should you.)


You know what I did tonight? I wrote a paper that’s due tomorrow. And while I celebrated my genius of being able to write a (maybe) passing grade paper the day before it’s due, it seemed a little hollow to me.

Procrastination is a disease. I am constantly confronted with it. Example? I’m writing my blog, my DAILY blog, at 11 P.M. . . I will be posting this blog within an hour. Is it going to be amazing? Maybe. Is it purely inspired by panic and the need for it to be complete before 12? Obviously.

Some people (myself included) thrive off of the adrenaline rush that procrastination creates. It allows you to get things done in half the time! It would’ve taken me four hours to write my paper if I started it last week! It only took me two today! Sure, those extra hours probably would have made it flow better. It probably would have made more sense. I could’ve also spent more time researching my thesis. . . BUT I SAVED TIME.

Gosh I sound like I’m justifying my disease. Don’t. Procrastinate. I will give you a solution:

Get a nice note-pad. A fancy one with little boxes on it. When you go to bed tonight, think about the things you’d like to do tomorrow. Grab that fancy little darling of a note-pad and make a list. Write it in your fanciest penmanship or your most appalling chicken scratch; and when you wake up in the morning you get that list DONE. Do that every day. Do it for your days, your weeks, and your YEARS.

That Fancy-Pad will change your life, plus it’ll make you feel all good when you check an item off of your list.

Right now I don’t have a note-pad, but as soon as I get one you can be sure I’ll go nuts.

Tasks turn into goals which when accomplished make you into a better person than you were before.

Instead of procrastinating, write down what you want to accomplish, and get it done. 

Or you could gain a hundred pounds eating fudge while watching the office for the 16th time.
I might do that.  
Now excuse me. I have some chortling to do and mars bars to eat.

Photo by Pedro da Silva on Unsplash

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