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I don’t think listening to music helps my creative process, but I love music. This is terrible.

Yesterday was my birthday. The day was awesome. I’m not going to talk about it.

I’m 24 today. I used to think I was old when I was 23. Now I’m ancient.

When we become a year older, I’d say it’s a perfect time for introspection, and to look at how we grew over the past year.

As it goes, I learned a whole lot this year. The older I get the more I tend to learn. I hope it’s always like that. When I die I want a fresh book in my hand and fresh ideas in my old brain. So here’s some stuff I learned last year off the top of my head. From me, Johnson, the ancient.

oh wow we’re doing lists now:

1. Don’t Rush.

Last year was a blur. It was a blur of intense moments, both fun and not so fun. There was always a lot going on, and I was swiftly rushing towards a future that I wasn’t ready for. I was constantly making compromises in order to get to a place that I wasn’t even sure I wanted. I mean sure, I think that there’s always a certain amount of uncertainty in life, but I’ve decided i’m not going to sacrifice my dreams because someone else says that they’re unrealistic.

At 23 I was rushing, at 24 I’m sailing. I’m here for the experience this year, and I’m focusing on growing myself as a person rather than setting enormous life changing goals. Sail towards what you want in your future, and be focused on the moment. It’s all you got.

I know that in life you have to make sacrifices. You don’t always get what you want; just make sure that you’re not sacrificing your identity in pursuit of life and a white picket fence.

2. Love hurts. It’s supposed to.

In my growth as a person, from a child, to a teenager, to an adult, I’ve had several heartbreaks. They’ve always affected me differently, and yeah, it sucks. But you know what, life isn’t a movie. It’s not always going to be Hallmark and romance. That’s a good thing. I hate Hallmark.

Being dramatic about what you’re going through is stupid, and ignoring it and pretending life is just blossoms is also stupid. There can be power in pain. There can be growth through trial, but that’s your decision to make. When you’ve been hurt, you can carry it with you forever, or you can choose to grow and change and become better. I want to be better. 23 year old Johnson would be proud I hope.

Don’t take hurt with you. There’s no place for it in who you are now. You hurt, you learn, you let go. I will always give it another shot. Always.

what I’m trying to say is I’m single, ladies.

So I learned two things this year.

I’d say that’s a banner year.

Photo by Nick Stephenson on Unsplash

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