Today I heard that blogging isn’t a very lucrative business.

I was in it for the money obviously, but I suppose I’ll keep going. . .

I’ll do it for all two of you. Let’s go on a blogging journey together

What have you learned today? Have you fumbled through your day in a fog? I’ve done that. If you read The Funk you’d have a better idea of what I mean, but i’m not talking about that today. I’m talking about the brighter side of that, the side that happens when you actually pay attention to the little things.

I got this idea while listening to a man talk about the lessons he learned while tuning a piano. Lessons about humanity, and God, and himself.

Who knew pianos were so wise.

I think most of these little lessons are commonly ignored by us while we walk through our dull lives. We refuse to listen to the warnings of wisdom that birds sing to us in the mornings. Or what little lessons we can learn from the happy scrappy dog, or the dark and sententious cat.

This is all very Disney of me. Everything I’ve said so far has been said better by Pocahontas, or Snow White, while they sang with the birds and danced with the Seven Dwarves. The serious point is still there, though; life has lessons to teach you if you are willing to listen.

People are an amazing learning tool. Talking with others is always an opportunity for you to grow. It’s often not an opportunity that we take though. Most people are eager to talk about what they think, rather than what someone else thinks. This is fine, but it’s not growth. It’s important to listen to someone else, no matter your opinion of them. Whether they’re brighter than you or not it makes no difference. There are plenty of fools out there who have lessons to teach the Einsteins of the world.

Pay attention.

There were some casual conversations I’ve had with others that changed me forever. There were some that probably should have, but I didn’t pay attention.

It’s funny, there were times where I thought that I was saying something really profound; really telling someone the truth, and really just giving them true nuggets of wisdom, but I wasn’t listening to what they were saying. I wasn’t paying attention to the little things. I didn’t take a moment to learn. I just wanted to show others how much I knew. Nowadays I still have that desire sometimes, though it’s not as strong as it used to be. The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve enjoyed listening to the thoughts and feelings of others.

Listen to what life is telling you. Bring yourself to the point where you would rather learn, than teach.

True wisdom is to acknowledge that you know nothing.

Photo by Felipe Elioenay on Unsplash

One thought on “Listen.

  1. Excellent point! Being quiet and listening, truly listening, is not easy but will inevitably teach you much more than when you speak all the time. Wise words brother.

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