The Sixteen Hour Flight.

Oh hey, remember when I used to blog? That was great.

So let me fill you in on my week. On Wednesday -Monday and Tuesday didn’t really matter. Those are just warm up days anyways, and nobody even likes Monday- On Wednesday I woke up at five, and headed to the airport. I was heading to Arizona. I had two connecting flights. I was not excited, and rightfully so. The entire journey should’ve taken about seven hours.


So I got on my flight. I read a book. Currently I’m reading Brothers Karamazov. I’m almost finished. There will be a book review. I listened to music. I’m currently obsessed with Ariana Grande and Minecraft music. It’s got that nice blend of relaxing and pop.

Anyways. Let’s talk about the flights, can we talk about the flights please? I landed in Dallas. My first connecting flight was scheduled to depart in 40 minutes. It was delayed. Weather. American Airlines didn’t want to take off due to safety concerns. Everyone was pissed. How dare they waste our time with safety. 

After being delayed an hour, the plane was ready. They had communed with the skies, and God let the airlines resume business as usual. At this point the panic was setting in for me. We were scheduled to arrive at 12:20. My second connecting flight was boarding at 12:10. It was from Palm Springs to Phoenix. I couldn’t afford a flight with just one connection from Dallas to Phoenix. I had to travel from Oklahoma, to Texas, to California, to Arizona. That was the cheapest flight. I wonder why.

Sadly, I missed my connecting flight, and was promptly put on stand-by. It was one. I was supposed to be in Phoenix at one. The next flight was at three. It was completely full. The flight after that was at six. It was also completely full. . . I waited for the three-O-Clock flight with the hope that there was a cancellation, and I would be able to fly. It was a one hour flight, and a four hour drive. I did not get on the three-O-Clock flight.

I decided to drive.

At 4:30 I was able to get a rental car. I was on the final stretch. I had started this journey at around five that morning. I would be arriving at nine. It was exactly the same amount of time it would have taken if I had just driven straight from Oklahoma. That thought was not a nice revelation.

The moral to this story? Make more money so you never have to have flight connections.

Or just drive everywhere. It doesn’t make much of a difference apparently.

I may be a tad bitter towards the weather, and American Airlines for not paying for my rental car. That’s the airline experience for you though. They take your money, and you still just end up driving in the end.

So that was Wednesday. I guess we still have some catching up to do. Stay tuned for more complaining tomorrow.

Someone just buy me a Tesla. American, you owe me. I’ll await your response.


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