The Funk.

Some days it’s easy to not pay attention.

Have you ever made the choice to just live life in a daze? So glued to your phone, or so tuned to the music in your headphones, or so lost in thoughts about the past, that you just let days go by?

Watching television just to pass the time, even though you’re not even paying attention to the screen. Eyes glazed over, in some sort of trance. . .  And there it went. The entire day, just like that. You sit in front of the mirror brushing your teeth, and just wonder what happened to your time.

Maybe this just feels like your entire life right now. I’ve had moments like that. You just go into autopilot: Work, daze, sleep. Every day, just like that.

I think sometimes people call this getting into a “funk”. Where you just don’t feel normal, and things just aren’t as meaningful as they used to be. The funk is definitely real, and if you’re in it, here’s my way that I always get out:

Make memories.

Work and TV and sleep just isn’t cutting it. It hardly does. If you’re caught in a funk, or if you just want to improve your life, do something meaningful with your time! Accomplish something that you can be proud of. Do something you’ve never done, or just have fun doing something that you love.

Spend an hour every day doing something that fulfills you. Or something that requires you to pay attention and think about something original. Don’t just get caught in the wheels of routine. Routine is good, but there needs to be room for you to do something memorable.

Get coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Make a goal to read two books a month. Take lessons in something that you’re completely new to; like scuba diving. Go scuba diving!

Today I just had one of those days, I felt like I was in a funk. When I feel like I’m in a funk, all I want to do is sit around on my phone, or play a game. That’s always the easiest thing to do, but that’s the exact reason I’m in a funk! My mind wants something new! It want’s to go out and live life, and do something it’s never done before! Your brain wants to remember today as the day that you made a memory doing something different.

Make your routine, and then make sure to break it. Life needs to have some spontaneity and new experiences. It’s important to grow and change. Otherwise, you may get caught in the funk.

Not the good kind of funk either, and definitely not the funky James brown funky town kinda funk.

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