You know what I’d like to do someday? I’d like to write a book. Like a full fledged fictional novel, perhaps a series. If I could do that for a living, and make money, that would be a dream.

Things I have in my way: I get super passionate about things for about two days before I give up. You know, because accomplishing things takes time, and is often hard. I often get in my head that something is going to be easy, and when I don’t see immediate results I get discouraged and lose interest.

I’ve always had a dream of writing a novel, but that discouragement has often gotten in the way. The biggest reason I’ve started the blog is a way to practice disciplining myself to write every single day. . . I know it’s not the same, but it’s inspiring me again to pick up the keyboard and write an outline for a novel.

I was brainstorming some ideas for a novel, but just ended up writing ideas for the blog. Hey, I like the blog, what can I say:

A documentary type short story where it shows the cruel working conditions within fictional businesses. For example: The terrible working environment of the Crusty-Crab. How the employees are mistreated by their boss, swindled into working for less than minimum wage, and how the employee’s often don’t know they’re being abused. OR: The inner workings of the Mystery Machine, and how all of the members of Scooby-doo secretly hate each other.

Story idea about a family of squids and their trials in life. The moral to the story could be about how it’s important to be flexible and squishy in certain situations. You know, like how squids are.

A story about a rice salesman who is just so passionate about rice that everyone loves him. (Granted, this story is just from my life. Godspeed magical rice salesman, I’ll never forget you.)

A mystery about a man who is gradually getting more and more irritated throughout the day and he doesn’t know why. Perhaps it’ll be an inner dialogue the whole time: His thoughts slowly drifting into rage. Maybe it’ll end with him realizing he forgot to drink his morning coffee.

A story about a cat owner who owns about fifty cats. He never cleans up the hair, and he is slowly engulfed by the shedding. He could be like a hoarder, but of cat-hair. . . Okay this is probably the most disturbing thing I’ve written so far. I’m like, disgusted.

A story about a man who writes a one hit wonder, and how he slowly becomes a terrible, bitter person, because he isn’t able to recreate the magic again.

A story about a man who’s job is a self-help Guru, but he’s actually horrible at his job. And the reason why he continues to make money is because somehow, his terrible advice always works out for the person he advises. Example: He tells a man the way that he should propose to his Girlfriend is to pretend that he’s a mugger and scare her; then reveal that it was just a prank. Then the man does this, trusting in the wisdom of the Guru, but he stages the pretend mugging just as another person is actually mugging his girlfriend, and he saves her.

What are some ideas you have for short story’s or novels? What’s their title?

Last idea: A man finds a magical keyboard, and he thinks it makes him incredible at playing the keyboard. What he doesn’t know is that he’s just delusional, and that he’s actually terrible. Everyone in the universe doesn’t want to tell him that he’s actually ba- wait I think I’m stealing this plot from a trailer I watched a couple days ago for a show. . . whoops. . .

Maybe that could be an idea! A man who thinks that all his ideas are original, but they’re just not.

That would be great.


Wouldn’t it.

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