I have a hard time reading the huge green signs on the freeway, is that bad? . . .

I’ve been thinking the past few weeks about how I really need some glasses. I’ve found that through the years I’ve gotten very nearsighted, and it’s starting to bother me a bit.

When I went to the eye doctor to get my first exam about five years ago he told me that I had two astigmatisms in my eyes. I’m not sure what an astigmatism is, but it makes me think I need glasses. My friend google just told me that it means your eyes are irregularly shaped, and that makes your vision blurry. I just learned that in two seconds using my phone. The future is neat.

Having these types of thoughts about the quality of my vision led me down a different train of thought. What other areas of my life am I short sighted in?

In one of the textbooks that i’m reading for this class i’m taking, it posed an interesting observation: There’s always something about yourself that is obvious to other people that you don’t know about yourself. One of the ways we grow as people is discovering these hidden traits that are so elusive to ourselves, but are known to others.

This is something that I’ve thought about before, especially when I was going through changes in my life. Often times we get into these rhythms in life, not literal routines like our daily schedules, but routines of mood and disposition.

They say that when you go through changes you become a different person than who you were before. I heard my dad say when he was a kid he wanted to move once because he wanted to “remake himself”. It’s easier to become a different person when you’re out of your regular routines.

Once you’re out of those routines and doing things a bit differently in life, it’s easier to look back and see clearer how you were acting before.

There were times in my life where I was short tempered and snappy. I was consistently in a mood of aggression, and defensiveness towards others who would try and give me constructive criticism concerning my life. Looking back, I can see that all of the advice that others were giving me was great, and I was the one in the wrong.

Even though in the moment I thought I was acting completely like my usual self, deep down my vision was blurry.

Going through life you’ll always be changing and growing as a person. Sometimes it takes moments of intense self reflection to realize that you’ve done something wrong in your life. Sometimes you may act like the person you didn’t want to be, and it might take years to realize it.

Sometimes your focus is on the wrong thing, and it makes everything around it blurry. For me it’s always been girls. I get so invested in someone else that I lose focus on who I am. It may be a career to someone else, or a goal that you’ve set for yourself. Things have a way of getting so close to our vision that they envelope our entire lives. After a while, you see nothing but what you’re focusing so intensely on; and when things don’t go the way you expect, it shakes your entire life.

Perception is an interesting thing. Your blurry vision may be causing you to act like the person you don’t want to be. Where are you blurry in life? What are you putting too much focus on that maybe you need to fix?

Life is life. It goes from one day to the next. When you were a child, if your parents took away a toy from you sometimes the world would fall apart. Your lens, childlike as it was, was so intensely focused on that toy that you thought of nothing else. As we grow up in life, our perception grows, we learn to try to understand others feelings. We learn to communicate and share how we’re feeling. We learn to control our emotions. We learn to do more and more complex things in our lives, and grow continuously. To me, we’re all adjusting our vision constantly. Improving our focus and learning how to look at life through different lenses.

Maybe you’re going through a hard time. Maybe you aren’t acting like yourself. Take it from me, and listen to your close friends and family. Don’t become defensive about your life. The people who love you want only the best for you, and they want you to make the best decision for yourself.

There are things that others know about you that you don’t know about yourself. It’s good to be open minded towards people who love you.

Where do you need to adjust your lens?


Don’t live life blurry.


Seriously, if it’s hard to read the enormous green signs on the freeway maybe you should get your eyes checked. . . Like me. . .
As soon as I get out of here i’m getting my eyes LASERED.

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