Where’s the BLOG JOHNSON? HUH?

Here I am, sitting in my apartment that i’m sharing with a buddy in the middle of Tulsa Oklahoma. Finally after already being here for over week I got my desk in a place that i’m happy with, I unpacked my computer, and here I am, not knowing at all what to blog about.


Today I have writer’s block. My definition of writer’s block is when you simply don’t write. You just kind of avoid sitting down to write at all costs. Earlier I thought it would be a good idea to write, and then I remembered that I had writers block, so I didn’t write. Another example of writer’s block was when later on in the day today I had the desire to write again, especially after one of my friends told me that I haven’t blogged in a while (It’s daily, but you know. . . sometimes it isn’t. . .) So before sitting to write I decided to go shopping. Because as you know, when you have the desire to write, the perfect thing to do at that point is to run errands.

So as I was saying, sometimes you just need to go shopping.

Have you ever had those days where you go to the store for something, and then an hour later you realize you forgot to get the thing that you went to the store for, and instead bought some chips? That happens to me literally every day. Today I had to go to the store twice, because when I was at the store the first time I told myself: “Oh! Johnson you need to get olive oil so you can cook this salmon you are currently putting into your basket.” When I got home, no olive oil. So I went back to the store about an hour ago for olive oil. . .   Yesterday I did the same thing. I went to the store to get some hex wrenches so I could build my desk, and instead came home with some Lunchables. The Lunchables were way more delicious than the hex wrenches.

So I went to the store twice today, and twice yesterday. . . Efficient

So as you can see, i wasn’t procrastinating. I wasn’t making excuses. It was writer’s block. Which is both procrastination and an excuse, combined into something that sounds fancy.

The story about going to the store was a tangent. A tangent is something that happens when you get derailed from the original point you were making and instead talk about something else.

Here’s an example of a tangent:


There’s something in fiction writing that is called the hero’s journey. Just from memory, it goes a little something like this:


  1. Hero is not doing well in life, or he’s just some average Joe, doesn’t have a whole lot going for him right now.
  2. An exciting incident happens, for example: The Hero goes to the store to buy salmon, and finds out that he has bought a magical salmon that will grant wishes.
  3. Since the hero doesn’t have olive oil, he can’t cook the magical salmon. The hero is then given some kind of quest. Maybe the salmon needs to go back home so that he can free his magical salmon family that has been trapped by an evil polar bear?
  4. About three quarters through the story, (After the hero and the wish granting salmon have had lots of adventures) The hero hits his lowest point. Perhaps this happens when the salmon and the hero have a fight: Maybe the hero finally finds some olive oil, and out of desperation and hunger tries to eat his new friend. Then the salmon jumps into the river in order to carry on the mission alone, and the hero is left alone and ashamed.
  5. After this happens, the hero has a choice! Accept defeat, or to learn a lesson and to become stronger because of it!
  6. Generally in the story, the hero makes the correct choice, and the Salmon gets to find his family, and the hero learned a valuable lesson about friendship or courage or how you shouldn’t eat your friends or something.


The reason I said all that?

I didn’t know what to write about.

Because of all the writers block.

Writer’s block is a disease. Magical salmon is the cure.

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