I am so tired. Okay I haven’t been able to get my momblog on because I’ve been a bit busy for the past few days, but now I’ve made some time to share with you some of my thoughts. And my thoughts are that I have none. Too tired.
Have you ever been so tired that all you’ve wanted to do is shut your eyes and nod to sleep, but you can’t because it’s three o’clock and you’re literally in the middle of playing twister with your friends?
Have you seen videos of kids who have literally fallen asleep during dinner because they were so tired? I feel like that. I’ve been missing my afternoon nap ever since I hit ten; it’s made me grumpy.
I tried reading a book earlier and got a solid paragraph into it before I didn’t know what was going on anymore, and decided to give up and stare at a wall. When you’re exhausted walls can be so entertaining. Plus their stationary, it makes focusing easier.
What’s the point of this blog? Currently figuring that out, but hang in there with me! Being tired is a relatable thing. Everyone gets tired from time to time, and everyone handles it differently depending on the day. There’s certain days where being tired makes me super grumpy. Sad to say, there are days where i’m short with people, and those days are generally tired ones. There’s also the state of being so tired you’re giddy. I like that kind of tired; your brain flips a switch and suddenly you’re a different person! A tired one, yes, but also one that can be entertaining and fun until you finally enter coma mode.
Generally when i’m tired i’m either Happy or Grumpy. Although, when I get sleepy some people say I’m Dopey; which sometimes makes me Sneezy, Though I’m never Bashful. . . Yeah this joke was stupid. Doc, help me.
What I mean to say is; no matter what state of tiredness or emotional well being you’re in; you’re still you. You may act different from time to time, and have different sides of yourself that you show to other people, but you’re still just another person just like everyone else. People are complicated and awesome. I’ve met people that I thought were awesome, and then I caught them in a different mood another day and my perspective of them changed. I’m sure I’ve done the same thing to other people. It’s easy for your opinion to change about people you don’t know that well, because people act differently depending on what’s going on in their lives.
Don’t be too quick to change your good opinion of someone. It may just not be their day. It also may not be your day. Some days I don’t like anyone because i’m so tired, and that’s definitely my fault, not theirs.
Though, on the other hand being tired isn’t a very good excuse for you to act grumpy. Everyone gets tired, everyone gets grumpy. You can still be a nice person even if you didn’t get your recommended amount of sleep. If you’re acting like a garbage person you might not be tired, you might just be a garbage person. So, you know, don’t do that.
So if someone rubbed you the wrong way today; maybe you’re just tired. Or maybe they’re just tired. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

Or maybe i’m just tired and none of this makes sense.
Yeah that’s probably it.

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