Let It Be.

You can’t change others, but you can change yourself.

I’m always growing up. When I was a kid I did and said stuff that I would never say today. I was I different person then, and I hope later on in life I’ll be able to look back and be proud of the person I’ve become. I want to be like Frank Sinatra; I want to say I did it my way. But not only that, I hope that I can be a person other’s would be able to look up to one day. That might not be today; that might not be for a while, but it’s something I want to strive for.

You’re the result of choices. Every day you’re going to make choices that will affect who you are in the future. These will be bad choices, good choices, and everything in between. You’re going to have parts of the people you looked up to inside you. You’re going to have pieces of your friends carrying you through life. The way you choose to handle the outcome of your own choices is another hard choice you’ll have to make. When you’re living in a time of sorrow or grief, what do you choose to make out of it? Do you choose to wallow in sadness, or do you choose to grow up? Sadness isn’t bad; it’s a beautiful thing. It can tie you up or set your free; just like everything else in life.

There is only today for me. There is only today for everyone else.

Every word you say is going to mold you into the person you become. Every person you listen to in life is going to have influence over the growth of your soul.

Sadness and tragedy seek you out in life. That’s what happens. You will go through hard times; that is something that no one can deny. Fire tempers and refines metal into something stronger than what it was before. Every time you feel weak, or sad, or lonely; know that this is an opportunity for you to become stronger. Focus on being a better person tomorrow than who you were today.

You know yourself better than anyone else. So ask yourself every day, “What can I do better?”, “how could have I handled this better?”, “Where are my choices leading me?” . . . Your life isn’t over until you’re six feet under the ground. It can be easy to let yourself be overcome by stress and sadness sometimes, but know that today is the day that your choices lead you to a better tomorrow; to being a better person tomorrow than who you were today.

The only thing that is going to keep you from becoming better is yourself. There’s a difference between being sad for a bit and diving head first into sorrow; Come up for air, don’t drown in the ocean of sadness. Emotion has a way of wanting to take control; don’t let it. Let yourself feel, and be felt. But it doesn’t rule over you.

Don’t let logic rule in place of passion. But don’t be overcome by fury when you should let reason prevail. Encourage yourself to be creative, but don’t make inspiration your drive to work.

Discipline yourself to succeed. Hold yourself accountable in your life, but don’t be driven by selfish ambition or jealousy.

Be self sacrificing, but be true to who you are.

Love every day, and give life everything you’ve got.


Failure only happens when you give up.


So don’t give up.

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