Mint is judging me about how much shopping I’ve been doing online recently. Sometimes I like to treat myself, don’t judge me.

Today I was able to go on amazon and look at a practically infinite amount of products that I could buy. Not only could I purchase anything I wanted through a few clicks of a button; now they have a “buy with one click” option. So I don’t even have to go through the hassle of clicking through a few pages. Perhaps they do this so that I don’t second guess buying another desk cactus. How dare they; I know exactly what I want:

A forest of desk cactus’s.

Cacti? Desk Cacti? Someone tell me the plural of Cactus right now.

Or maybe I just purchased another awesome gadget I saw on the “Today’s hot deals” tab that i’m never going to actually use. I know i’m going to make several excuses in the process of buying my fancy poached egg pan: I’m never going to go back to scrambled eggs now. I’m going to make eggs Benedict EVERY DAY.  It may not be time effective, but it’s just so good.

In 2019 you can take consumerism to new heights. Do you want a framed picture of Clifford the Red Dog? You can have it in two days or less with Prime. Don’t take into account that half the stuff you buy you’re going to throw in a box and never look at again for the next six months. Until you randomly stumble upon it while looking for a can opener, and make some type of excuse to use your Perfect Pear Peeler again.  

This year I was thinking about taking a shot at minimalism. One of the ways you can get started in living a more minimalistic life is by throwing things away that are not integral to your daily life. Start the first day by throwing away one thing. The next day throw away two things. Next day three, and so forth for a month. Imagine throwing away thirty things in a day. Wouldn’t that feel amazing?  

Yeah no it wouldn’t. Are you telling me that someday I’ll have to throw away that Bluetooth radio that’s been sitting on my desk for a year that I haven’t even used once? How dare you. It holds sentimental value to me because it’s been sitting there for so long. I just can’t get rid of it. There’s also the possibility that I might use it sometime perhaps maybe.

I have always kept the belief that humanity can justify doing just about anything. Shopping is no exception, and I think it’s beautiful. Absolutely, your music career will take off the instant you buy that six-hundred dollar guitar; rather than learning what a C# is on the guitar you own currently. The issue is it’s acoustic, you need electric.

Sales are even better. I got a notification from Steam yesterday saying that a game on my wish-list was on sale. Are you serious? Another game? I’ve only got hundreds that I’ve already purchased. Most of which I haven’t even completed. I shall add this one to my collection. I might not even play it. I just want to know it’s there for me.


Shop responsibly.

Or don’t I don’t care.

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