“Sucking at something is the start to becoming sorta good at something.”

Today marks the second week of the Momblog. And if you’re not me, which your not, you probably don’t care too much. But to give you a little insight into my soul: I generally don’t stick with things for very long. Especially something that requires consistent effort and dedication in order to improve myself.

Self improvement is something that is extremely important to me, because it’s not something that i’m the best at. Inside I have a desperate desire to create something that I’ll be proud of, and that others will enjoy as well. And honestly when I take the steps in the creative direction I usually disappoint myself and give up. This is a flaw in my character that I’ve been aware of for a long time, which is another reason why I started this, and why I want to strive to become better at it.

Do you have that problem as well? Are you just exploding on the inside with inspiration and you just want to get it out there, but when you begin creating it doesn’t live up to your expectations so you stop. Well, here’s some advice: Don’t stop. Hey, I know that’s like the simplest answer right, “hey man you know that thing that you want to do but you keep stopping, maybe don’t stop.” Like gosh, how annoying is that. Like obviously.

But hey, there’s truth there as well. Maybe rather than having your expectations so high, and being disappointed with your creative result, try this: Acknowledge that you’re not great; that you’re not the best; that your talent is sub-par, or maybe even that you suck at it. Great, done? Now keep going.  

Everyone has potential for greatness. One of your paintings could stand the test of time and live on in museums. A photo that you snapped could be considered a photo that defines a generation. A book that you write could be a best-seller for decades. But let me tell you one thing. When you reach a level of achievement like that it’s not going to be the first time you picked up a paintbrush. You’re not going to be fiddling with the settings of your DSLR cause you still don’t know what aperture means. And if you’re an author, you’ll probably know your own writing style inside and out, and know just how to communicate your thoughts to your audience in an entertaining way. (Your grammar doesn’t have to be great though, that’s why i’m hiring an EDITOR.)

So, be bad at something. Discipline yourself to consistently submerge yourself in what you’re passionate about. You’re the only one in the way of your dreams. When you step out in faith to commit to something that fulfills you everyone will cheer you on.

So hey, if your dream is to have the most successful Momblog in the world. I’d say go for it!


But that’s my dream, get your own.

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