“What are you passionate about?” the counselor asked me, “if money wasn’t an issue, what would you do?” . . . I couldn’t answer the question.

Is it just me, or do a lot of people have trouble answering that question? “What are your passions in life?” – like woah dude, settle down there. I just wanted to ask you which math classes I should take; I didn’t want a personal dilemma.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe other people wake up in the morning and they know exactly what their passions are, and they spend that day pursuing their passions. Maybe they’ve always known since they were children. I’ve met people like that; people who wanted to be doctors or musicians or writers when they were children. And that’s what they became.

Though, for me it wasn’t like that. For me I’ve had to spend time cultivating things that I have passion in. And I still am. Right now I wouldn’t say that i’m very passionate about one specific thing; but I’ve been slowly learning my own passions, and i’m eager to find more.

How do you discover your passions?

Try stuff. Not all the stuff. Just stuff within reason. You know, stuff.

A man who’s just living life going through the motions is not going to know what he’s passionate about. Maybe your passion is snowboarding, maybe it’s book reading, or maybe your passion is falafel. See, I’ve never tried falafel; It could be my dream to be the best falafel cook in the world. I’d never know that though if I never take the time to try falafel. And that counts towards everything in life. If you’re not experiencing new things, you may never discover what you’re passionate about; and it may just be falafel.

So after you try more things; the next step is called the process of elimination. It’s simple, it goes like this: Did you hate falafel? Did you try it a few times? Well, maybe falafel isn’t your passion.

Falafel, what a great analogy for life.

Why aren’t you pursuing your passion?

So let’s say you’ve found something that sets you on fire. Why aren’t you seeking it with all your heart?

I could give you lots of very logical reasons why I’ve pushed away my passions in the past:


What if I do this, and i’m not good. What if I can never be good. What if I try my hardest for a long time, and never succeed. What then? I’ve thought this before. I’ll still think that if i’m not careful. This isn’t true for anyone; If you have something that you’re passionate about, do it. Take steps in that direction, do the work. You’re going to end up working anyways.


I can’t provide for myself or my family with dreams.

This is true; It takes a sincere and brutal discipline in order to make your dreams reality. Only passion can provide that push.

Fear of Failure:

The most successful people in the world are people who don’t have a fear of failure. Why? Because failure isn’t real. You’re going to fail over and over and over again in life. The only way you become a true failure is if you let your past failures define who you are.

So throw caution to the wind a bit. Discover more about who you are and what you enjoy. Maybe make a change in your life. Don’t have a fear of failure; you can do it, and even if you fail, it’s just going to make you stronger. Become a more passionate person, don’t be lukewarm when it comes to life, that’s just not fun.

As my boy Shia Labeouf would say: “JUST DO IT”

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