It’s raining today. . .

The sky is shrouded in gloominess and there’s a sweet fog misting the surrounding area.

The only desire I have is just to sit and stare.

Nothing produces in me a thoughtfulness like rain does. The soft tapping on the house and the trickling of distant streams just make me want to sit and listen for a while. It’s strange how something like the weather can affect you like that. You sit and enjoy the chill in the air and the rain on your fingers; yet you find yourself thinking about things completely different from your usual train of thought.

Maybe it’s the relaxing nature of it all; rain has a magical way of slowing down your brain so that you can focus on something that’s been itching at your soul. Maybe the focus on something as present as the droplets of rain on a window allows you to meditate on a deeper facet of your thoughts.

What I mean to say is I like rain. I like the atmosphere of melancholy it makes. I’ve always thought of melancholy as a good feeling. A feeling of introspection and self improvement. It’s not happy, it’s not sad, it’s melancholy. That’s how I’d describe rain; if I were to put rain into a box and describe it as a feeling, i’d say it’s melancholy.

To me, melancholy is a bitter-sweet remembrance of the past, and a hopeful look into the future. It’s a mood or a time where it’s wonderfully easy to get lost in your thoughts, to have new ideas, or to retread old ones that you’re fond of.

My atmosphere provokes my mood; as rain provokes melancholy. Sure, I can always shake it off and stare at my phone, or get busy doing something unimportant. The rain will still be there, but I just won’t be here. Sitting back, and being present in my thoughts; and being present for the rain, makes me feel like i’m living life in the moment. I think that’s important. Years of your life could just be wasted away because your focus was on the wrong thing. I think everyone’s been guilty of that before.

That’s why I think it’s important to let yourself be melancholy from time to time. Embrace the peace that life is offering you and just slow down. Life always moves faster when you’re taking action. It’s always impressed me just how much time is in the day when you let yourself do nothing but think for a while. Rain does that to me.

Any day where the rain is coming down hard. Take that as an opportunity to enjoy being present. Put down your phone, stop the television and just stare out the window for a while. Light a fire, and start a good book. Curl up with your thoughts and try and think something new. Listen to the music of nature and see if you get some inspiration from it. 

Maybe that’s just what you need right now.

I know it’s what I need.    

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