How to feel more confident in yourself:

Wear sunglasses.

Sunglasses are awesome. I just love them. If I could afford to buy a new expensive pair every day I absolutely would. Why? Because they make me feel more confident in myself. They make me feel like i’m a cool dude whether I actually am or not. This is a magical thing! I simply put on a pair of sunglasses and feel better about myself for the day. You may think this is silly, which it is. But now you have to think to yourself, what are my sunglasses? What is something you can do for yourself that makes you feel more confident?

Do what makes you feel confident. Grow your hair long, dye it crazy colors, wear shirts with your favorite memes on them. Why not? Your appearance reflects how you feel on the inside; and if you like how you look it makes you more confident. Confidence is something that you cannot fake. And one of the biggest factors in confidence is being genuine. If you’re being who you want to be on the inside, then others will see that.

When you present yourself to other people, are you being the version of yourself that you aspire to be? Everyone has good parts and bad parts of themselves. Which part of yourself are you embracing today?

This is something everyone knows already. It’s just been on my mind today. Being able to express who you are on the outside to others is a fun and important thing. And it will affect you most of all. I don’t think anyone really cares if I have seven different color lenses for my sunglasses, but the way it makes me feel is what matters.

When you take the steps every day to make yourself feel more confident, even if it’s as simple as wearing different clothing, or putting on a pair of sunglasses, it makes a serious difference in your day. I’m not encouraging vanity of any kind, hopefully it doesn’t come off that way. But simply put: if you think you look good others can tell.

Drink Coffee.

My friends know that I love coffee. Coffee is my lifeblood. I drink it every day without fail. Bad habit? Maybe. Wonderful habit? Also maybe. Coffee makes me feel alive and ready to go. It’s something that I can always rely on to get me through the day. Me and coffee are close as cookies that are being baked too close together. One and the same. (I’m making my own metaphors now, can you tell?)

I’m a fan of implementing things into your routine that are both good for you and make you feel good. Coffee, on a healthy level, is that. When I develop my habits and routine it is closely centered around that train of thought. What is good for me and makes me feel good? Are you looking at your life in the same way?

Maybe you eat an entire avocado in the morning and it just makes you feel amazing. I’d think that’s pretty weird, but who cares what I think? Do what’s good for you and makes you feel good.


Wear your sunglasses, drink your coffee.

Just don’t do crack.

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