You’re not special; well I mean you are, but you’re not.

Today, I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. My friends are irritating me, I have no desire in the world to go to work, and when I end up at work everyone is PISSING ME OFF.

Have you ever had a day like that? Omg really? You must be a human too!

Everyone has bad days. You may be going through some really extreme stuff in your life and you’re just not sure how to deal with it. Or maybe you just have a kink in your neck and its ruining your life.

Whatever it is, you’re not alone in that respect. The difference between you and everyone else is how you handle yourself when you feel like crap. How do you make yourself feel better, and make everyone around you like you more, which also improves your mood? (wow, validation and respect improves people’s moods? Crazy.)

 “Smile Sweetheart”

Anyone who’s ever worked in some kind of service industry has probably had someone tell you this before. And let me tell you; I have never wanted to smack someone more than when they said this to me. How dare this self-righteous, pretentious Jabroni tell me to SMILE. It’s true, people are ridiculous; but even if they’re being rude, the statement is true. Nothing will help your attitude more than if you make a supreme effort to smile more, and work on improving someone else’s day.

I’ve been dealing with an attitude issue. Sometimes I feel justified in wearing a frown, and being short with others. Sometimes it may even make me feel better. In the end of the day though, it doesn’t fix anything. Whatever behavior you give into just breeds more of the same. If you make a bad attitude a habit, it will just get worse.

If bravery is strength in the face of fear, a smile is strength in the face of a bad day.

“I’m just going to lie in bed for six hours because life is sadness.”

When I have a bad attitude I just want to give up on the day. Self-pity is a silly thing. Want to destroy your own day? Just feel bad for yourself. Humans are fueled off of accomplishment; people who feel bad for themselves don’t seek to accomplish anything. Why should I get out of bed, it’s just going to end the same. Pity tells you to feel bad. I’m just so sad. I’m just so sad.

Get over your sadness. Don’t shove down your feelings and turn into a robot. Seek to see the light in your situation, and seek to accomplish something good despite your bad situation/feelings.

Sow good seed.

Compliment a stranger. Try to notice the little things in others. Tell someone something they’ll remember today (I mean, in a good way.) Enjoy your life, and help others enjoy theirs!

Have a good day today. It’s your choice. 500 words, fool.

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